Visibility is everything. We’ll provide you with the search equivalent of a flashing neon sign pointing your way.

Technical SEO audit

A Yard audit can be likened to a comprehensive health check.

Every aspect of your website is scrutinised with all underlying issues identified and repaired. 

Our technical audits are designed to drive efficiency, detailing specific challenges a website is facing and the steps required to fix them. There’s no fluff. This makes required actions easy to identify, deliver and measure.


Websites are updated regularly. With change comes revisions that may affect SEO ranking and user experience. We’ll help your teams to identify where problems may arise and mitigate them.

In addition, we run regular crawls of your website and report any changes that are causing problems – ensuring that your website consistently delivers to its full potential. 


Redesigning or migrating a website is a critical undertaking and one with many risks.

One of these risks is to your search equity, especially if you are currently performing well. Our migration support service identifies these risks and details how they can be avoided. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that historic performance is not only maintained but improved, laying a solid foundation for future campaigns. 

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