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Technical SEO Strategy

Just like a lamp without a bulb, your website needs a key component to light up its niche. Step forward technical search engine optimisation.

Technical SEO focuses on tightening the technical nuts and bolts on a website in order for it to successfully compete in Google’s digital playground. Having dazzling and relevant content to entice your audience is great, but without technical SEO, users will be searching for it in the dark.  

From technical audits to keyword research, our dynamic skill-set will ramp up your website’s online visibility to drive traffic. 

Site migration

When it comes to site migration, our job can be compared to that of a surgeon’s – we essentially transfer the organs of one website into a new body without damaging SEO.  

As you may have guessed, this can be a complex and complicated process, but not for our tech SEOs. In truth, we really are a modest bunch but just to prove that we really do walk the walk, we’d like to quietly point out that we have completed over 300 site migrations for our clients. 

Data analysis

The ability to gather and interpret data effectively is paramount to SEO success, which we consider to be our bread and butter.  

Quick fact: did you know that the Yard offers a Level 4 qualification in Data Analytics?  

Anyway, these are the foundations that need to be put in place in order to create an effective strategy that will deliver results. We gather data through a number of different ways, with the three main pillars being keyword research, gap analysis and organic visibility. 

Keyword research

Keywords are essentially the linchpin between what information people are searching for and what content you have to offer to fulfill that need. View it as a bridge between you and your audience. The more keywords rank for, the more bridges there are for your audience to cross.  

Gap analysis

So you’re working hard on generating useful content for your audience but at some point you just get stuck and your growth hits a plateau. If you’re in this position, a content gap analysis is what you need to get the ball rolling again. We’ll analyse your content, underline its weaknesses, and highlight what you’re lacking compared to your competitors.  

Organic visibility

How easy to find is your website?” is the question we’ll be answering at this stage.  We’ll be identifying its pulse as well as seeing what components make it successfully tick over. At this point, we compare yours and your competitors’ websites, calculating your organic market share at a keyword group level. This helps us paint a clearer picture of how your products and services are performing. 

How can we help?

Contact our technical SEO team today to find out more about what we can do for your website. 


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