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Data Analytics and Insights

From implementation of tracking solutions to data science, we offer a range of data services.

Our data analytics and insights services are delivered in five stages, designed to optimise your data capture and analysis processes, no matter what stage of data maturity you’re at. Our team of experienced data scientists work with you to identify gaps in your data capture and management strategies, creating an optimisation roadmap that will help you reach your target audience and better serve your customers.

Phase one: Discovery

This is where we start getting to know each other, working together to understand your data analytics needs. It can be tricky for businesses to pinpoint exactly what data they should be gathering and analysing; luckily, we have a team of experienced solution consultants to take the guesswork out of this process. We’ll help you hone in on your business needs using a variety of methods, from stakeholder interviews to workshops.

Once we’ve outlined areas for improvement and priorities, we’ll design a series of solutions tailored to your business. We’ll review how you currently capture data and identify any gaps in the process. Then we’ll help you understand the stage of data maturity your organisation is at, define key data strategies for you and work with you to reach your goals.

Phase two: Data capture and management

Next, it’s time to put the roadmap we built during the discovery phase into action. We help you gain 360° visibility of your customers by collecting relevant and accurate data that will help you better understand their needs. This will also offer you crucial opportunities for targeting and customising your key online interactions with your customers. We have extensive experience in using some of the leading tag management systems out there, such as Tealium, Adobe DTM and Signal.

We want to help you integrate relevant technologies into your data management model. Our consultants are experienced in technology migrations, so if we discover that there is a better data capture solution out there for you, we can help you migrate from one platform to another.  We’ll get it configured for you before handing over the controls after providing you the relevant training.

Want to learn more about data capture? Read our guide to creating and implementing data layers.

Phase three: Data insights & analysis

This is where we transform data captured and turn it into a business strategy to increase your ROI. Our skilled data scientists use multiple machine learning techniques from neural networks to Cluster Analysis to find the most insightful information about your customers, sales and website behaviour.

We bring your data to life through custom dashboards and data visualisations; a great way to monitor your performance and see all of your most-important metrics at a glance. Finally, we offer content and SEO analysis, helping you keep on top of visibility and how well your pages are performing.

Phase four: Optimisation

One of the later stages of a data maturity model, optimisation is the process of making changes to your website through controlled experiments. We apply a range of techniques to continually evolve web applications for improved performance, including A/B and multivariate testing, conversion rate optimisation, personalisation, as well as ongoing auditing.


Phase five: Support

Following the implementation phases, our expert analysts and technical teams are on hand to offer you ongoing support as you progress on your data maturity journey. To help you maximise your technology investment and evolve, we provide ongoing support of implemented data solutions, updates following application deployment cycles, technology upgrades, configurations and new reports. To cater for different business needs we offer SLA-backed support packages that can be tailored to your monthly resource allowances.

How can we help?

Contact our experts today to find out how we can help optimise your data capture and analytics processes.


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