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Zuckerberg Searching for Facebook

14th September 2012 by Jennie Stamp | Content & Search

We all have an opinion on Facebook; what’s wrong with it, what’s right, and what they could do to improve. This week, in a chat with Fireside at Disrupt SF 2012, Mark Zuckerberg gave his opinion on the status of the social giant.

Key points from the discussion:

  • Zuckerberg shied away when questioned over the release of an improved app for Android users, his response being “Soon… Ready when it’s ready”.
  • He declared the company had a slow start to the year but there’s lot’s of interesting stuff to come from Facebook in the next 6-9 months.
  • Quote of the session: “Everything i do breaks.. but i fix it quickly”
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile – Facebook’s main focus lies with mobile, but not a Facebook phone.

Welcome to Facebook Search

So it appeared to be that the revelation of ‘Facebook Search’ was the main focus. Currently Facebook receive ‘about 1bn queries a day, without even trying’, so thoughts lie with what could be possible if they do try.

The vast majority of the 1bn queries on Facebook are people trying to find people, but also a big chunk is commercial behaviour; trying to find brand pages, apps etc. Zuckerberg sees the huge opportunity there… at some point in the future.

The Facebook founder also understands that the social network is pretty uniquely positioned to answer many of the questions people have. Examples he gave included:

  • What sushi restaurants have my friends gone to in New York in the past 6 months, and liked?
  • Which of my friends, or friends of friends, work at a company that i’m interested in working for?

Facebook do currently have a team working on search, so we will have to watch this space. The area that Mark Zuckerberg is spending most of his time on right now is Open Graph and the vast opportunities that lie there.

Long story short, they’ve got 99 problems, but a Facebook mobile phone ain’t one. Should Facebook stick to what they’re good at, or risk expanding into the vast search market?

See the discussion in full here:

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