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#YardInsights: Yard event for financial and professional services

20th November 2018 by Joanna Moska | News & Events

On 8 November, we hosted our first #YardInsights event at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh, tailored specifically for Financial and Professional Services companies. The event, titled Digital Marketing Insights for Financial and Professional Services, turned out to be a great success.

We were proud to have brought together a group of fantastic speakers with years of experience in digital marketing:

  • Samantha Noble, Founder of Biddable Moments, awarded the UK Search Personality Award at the UK Search Awards 2016 and rated one of the top 25 in PPC Hero’s ‘Most Influential PPC Experts’ list in 2016 and 2017
  • Jon Myers, Founder of Ascending Media, an experienced leader within the digital marketplace, awarded Search Personality of the Year 2017 at the UK Search Awards
  • Paul Newbury, CTO of Yard, our resident expert on marketing attribution, regular speaker and practitioner of the practical application of statistical methods, machine learning and mathematical modeling

The talks covered topics such as the history and future of search, the best-paid media tactics and predictive attribution modeling using machine learning.

Over 35 senior marketers from 23 different companies joined the session, including professionals from Embar Group, Franklin Templeton, Martin Currie, Royal London, Standard Life, and Tesco Bank to name a few.

Everyone was very engaged and we have already received got some great feedback from attendees who enjoyed the session and found the talks insightful.

The idea behind the #YardInsights events is to share knowledge and expertise within the digital marketing industry in the form of interactive morning events where attendees can grow their network in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee and breakfast, and to learn from industry experts.

Topics our speakers covered:

Jon Myers: The history of search marketing from the beginnings to the Google world of today

John Myers speaks at Digital Marketing Insights for Financial and Professional Services event

It is amazing to think that Google is only 20 years old this year. After all, they are one of the world’s biggest companies, they dominate the search market with an over 90% share and they have revenues of over $100 billion annually. Looking back, things could have been very different.

This talk covered the history of search marketing and all of the major companies and search engines that helped shape the market. It focused on the deals that were stuck, the companies that were bought and the stories that made Search Marketing what is it today.

Paul Newbury: Predictive attribution modeling using machine learning

Paul Newbury speaks at Digital Marketing Insights for Financial and Professional Services event

Paul gave us an insight into the use of machine learning and mathematical modeling to create practical applications for business. Paul talked about tried and tested approaches to using machine learning to influence attribution data and expand this into additional practical applications of these outputs.

Samantha Noble: Blink and you’ll miss it: the ever-changing landscape of paid media

Samantha Noble speaks at Digital Marketing Insights for Financial and Professional Services event

Samantha’s talk focused on how to weave the latest paid media techniques into a marketing funnel. She remarked how over the years, we have seen paid media platforms evolve and grow, and this is not showing any signs of stopping. If anything, we see more feature releases across these platforms every month than ever before. In this ever-evolving landscape, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the new releases and even harder to know where they should sit in your marketing funnel.

During this talk, Samantha talked us through some of the techniques that she has been using for her clients this year to help push their audiences down the sales funnel from brand awareness all the way down to fostering customer loyalty. The talk was highly actionable and gave our attendees some great ideas and inspiration to take back to their workplaces to implement in their own campaigns.

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve had so far from our attendees:

“Venue was handy, breakfast was good and the speakers were brilliant. The content was current and very interesting and it was good it was focused on financial services. I’m in digital marketing rather than SEO specifically, so it was really interesting to hear about SEO in more detail.”

“I liked that it wasn’t rushed and went on till 11.30am. Morning events are often squeezed into the ‘breakfast event’ time slot to not take people away from the office, but if the insight is worthwhile, and the content and speakers are good, it shouldn’t be a bother to stay a bit longer.”

“The event today was very good. Really credible and engaging speakers – and a nice location.”

“The event was brilliant and well-organised, everything was thought through and taken care of. I found the insights really interesting and learned a lot. Also, everyone was very welcoming and the atmosphere was great which was a bonus!”

What’s next for #YardInsights?

Given the great turnout for this event, we are already planning the next one – this time in Cardiff!

We will also be circulating a deck with some key takeaways from the Edinburgh event to all attendees and those who couldn’t make it on the day.

If you’d like to be notified about our next event, drop us a line. Until next time!

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