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#YardInsights – SEO & Content Strategies Events

20th May 2019 by Scott McPate | News & Events, Search

We hosted our 2nd #YardInsights event ‘SEO & Content Strategies To Maximise Sales’ in May across both our Edinburgh and Cardiff offices.

After the release of our SEO for Ecommerce guide, we wanted to build an event around this topic along with a group of informative presenters. We invited businesses from the local Edinburgh and Cardiff areas and hosted over 50 representatives across both events.

We brought together an expert group of speakers including Scott McLay (Yard), Paul Newbury (Yard) and Tracey Drain, (Spectrum Brands).

Scott McLay – SEO for Ecommerce

Scott, (Yard’s Technical Lead), discussed the main technical SEO elements that should be tackled, the importance of keyword research and the common pitfalls that your Ecommerce SEO strategy may fall into.

Delving into the importance of Google and search generally, Scott provided an overview of the main factors involved in getting your website to rank well. From avoiding spider traps, creating a well thought out URL structure and improving website speed, these can all have significant benefits to making your site easier to index.

“If the technical infrastructure isn’t up to scratch then the website will be slower giving an initial response.”

He went on to discuss the importance of solid keyword research and that you should create content with the end user in mind. This will help them better understand your brand and products. It’s also vital to optimise category pages and product pages to help provide a clear user journey along with unique names and descriptions. Write for humans, not robots. He also pointed out that Geolocation is now having a bigger impact on rankings and those companies without a physical presence in a city may find their rankings will decline with local SEO.

He concluded that all of this work will be wasted if you don’t measure and report based on a ‘test and learn methodology’.

Paul Newbury – Understanding website content performance in a data science world

Paul is one of Yard’s founders and Chief Innovation Officer. His presentation centred around the importance of developing a content strategy that consistently performs well, how to measure that success and predict what will work in the future.

At Yard we use data science in our modelling, Paul explains in his presentation, taking into consideration factors such as visit page views, checkout started, blog page views, auto page clustering and many other metrics. However, it’s important to realise that while a piece of content can drive more traffic to the site it could reduce the likelihood of a sale. The aim then is to:

“Create content that provides SEO benefits and supports the ability to convert.”

Looking at your SEO content through the lens of an attribution model will help determine a fairer indication of how your content is performing compared to the last click model. The next step is to map a predictive content and journey analysis, this can help you figure out the user pathway based on their previous behaviour.

Paul suggests that we need to ensure “content matches our customers expectations” and at Yard we are working on a way of predicting what content will be successful based on SEO performance and on website conversion.

Tracey Drain – Cranking the Amazon Flywheel

Our guest speaker, Tracey Drain is the Ecommerce Marketing Manager for Spectrum Brands, a Fortune 500 company, managing brands such as Russell Hobbs George Foreman and Remington. Looking at the force of nature that is Amazon, Tracey led us through the best techniques to sell products on this competitive marketplace.

Almost 86% of UK shoppers use Amazon, but selling products on it is a different proposition compared to other Ecommerce sites. Tracey explains that Amazon is essentially a search engine and you have to build product listings accordingly to perform well. So, don’t rely on your brand name!

Like ‘conventional’ SEO, start with keyword research, thinking about what product a consumer is looking for and what a consumer wants from the product. It’s also important to remember what we call a product can be very different from what a consumer will search. For example, there is a low search volume for ‘Foil Shaver’ compared to the high volume of ‘Electric Shaver’, so you need to get into the head of the buyer.

In terms of the listing, ensure you optimise your description but focus on converting browsers to buyers and not just for SEO benefits. Utilise images with a range of shots from the main product, product features and the product in-use, give them a reason to believe. The addition of a video in particular a demonstration can help reduce return rates and negative reviews.

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