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#YardInsights event in July

25th June 2019 by Scott McPate | Data

We’re hosting another #YardInsights event in Cardiff on the 9th July, concentrated around the topic of ‘How can we use data science in a commercial world?‘. After skimming the surface of data science during our previous events on SEO for Ecommerce and Financial Services, we wanted to expand more on the topic and bring in guest speaker Jan Teichmann from Zoopla, alongside Yard’s CIO, Paul Newbury.

Jan Teichmann - How to make a success story of your data science team

Jan Teichmann is a senior data scientist and leads the data science team at Zoopla. With a background in machine learning, statistical modelling and programming, Jan and his team are using the immense amount of property market data and turning this into functioning information for the wider organisation.

His discussion will focus on how to make a success story of your data science team and highlight:

  • The differences between the real challenge to create a commercial success with data science and the common misconceptions
  • The differences between machine learning models and software engineering
  • Understanding unique data science requirements and their importance
  • Understanding the Rendezvous Architecture, a proven solution to integrate data science and enterprise requirements in a harmonious way at scale

Paul Newbury - Data Science Applications for Business

Yard’s Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Newbury, will expand on his previous event talks. These have touched upon using data science modelling to help predict the content and pages that are helping to convert or prevent visitors from becoming customers. This time he’ll be providing examples of the applications of data science for business and demonstrate:

  • How data science can provide more comprehensive insights on SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimisation.
  • The role of data science in helping to predict customer journeys through predictive content analysis.
  • Developing a methodology for understanding and modelling the entire marketing ecosystem in a robust, central location

Event Details

Tuesday 9 July 2019 at 9:00 am
23rd floor, Capital Tower, Greyfriar’s Road, Cardiff, CF10 3AG

For full details and to register click here

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