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Yardies on Ice

13th December 2012 by Amanda Bathory | News & Events

When the Cardiff Winter Wonderland sprung up, complete with snowy cabins, freshly baked doughnuts, mulled wine  and most alluring of all, an ice skating rink, the Yardies of Cardiff promptly wrapped up in their woolliest attire and ventured into the cold, in search of ice skates.

Yardies on ice

Wobbling onto the rink in wide eyed fear, the team easily equaled the cuteness of Bambi… and were not any more graceful.

Yardies on ice

‘Cardies’ had an hour to develop their skating styles and skills. From slow running man, to jumbo jet arms and just plain old standing still, I can honestly say, we should probably stick to our day jobs.

However, while the majority of Yard are not packing up for Winter Olympic shenanigans any time soon, a certain office manager,Lindsey, may have a shot at Team GB yet!  Teaching us how to skate backwards, spin around and glide effortlessly round the rink, Lindsey had the moves of a champion.


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