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Yard-vent calendar – Part 2

18th December 2018 by Amelia Aston | Content, Content & Search, Data, Innovation, News & Events

In the second installment of our Yard-vent countdown to Christmas, we’re giving you the gift of more insights, highlights from 2018 and emulating the ghost of Christmas future, with a look into key trends for 2019.

If you missed our first Yard-vent post, you can check it out here.

Day 7 – 2018 data breaches and marketing

Contributed by: The Development Team

British Airways data breach

One of the major breaches of 2018 involved 380,000 British Airways customers’ details being compromised, including their financial details. The breach illustrated the need for GDPR laws as these require organisations to be more security-conscious when it comes to the personal data they hold.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal

In March, the news broke that a company called Cambridge Analytica had accessed over 87 million Facebook users’ data without permission. The data was used to create political ads targeting US voters that were personalised to their psychological profile. The company had also received large payments from pro-Brexit campaigners.

What the Cambridge Analytica scandal means for marketers is still being discussed (although we provided our initial thoughts at the time). When it comes to advertising on Facebook, the scandal doesn’t seem to mean the end for the social media company, and advertisers should consult their own data to assess their ads’ effectiveness rather than searching for overall trends.

Day 8 – Analytics trends for 2019

Contributed by: The Development Team

The continued growth of smart products and the Internet of things (IoT)

With the ever-growing line of smart products that are available on the market, the number of data points that businesses will rely on to collect their information will continue to grow. The growing popularity of smart home assistants like Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Home Pod is a good example of this. Businesses are likely to start to shift their focus onto this new way of collecting data as the industry continues to grow. The IoT industry is predicted to be worth $300 billion annually by 2020.

Increased use of dark data

Dark data is information that has been collected from users but hasn’t be used in any way to derive insight or aid decision making. IBM estimated that around 90% of data that’s collected is never used. This may lead to new analytics providers being established to try and utilise this data. Any data that isn’t fully explored is an opportunity lost.

New chief data officer roles

With the growing use of data collection and management by businesses, a new role of CDO has slowly evolved. Organisations have realised that they need an individual to lead the use and maintenance of their data, so CDO advertisements are soon to be on the increase.

Day 9 – Some good reads

Contributed by: The Test Team

Day 10 – Cardiff Yardies’ proudest moments

Contributed by: Yardiff (clearly)

Lots of exciting changes happened around the Yard offices in Cardiff. The team moved into our fab new offices in April and in August, we welcomed Yard’s first Client Services Director, Owen, into our team.

We were also incredibly proud to see Emily nominated for The Drum’s 50 Under 30 and have Jac host the SME of the Year award. 2018 also saw the birth of a new team within Yard – Data Science. This has enabled us to expand our services to include greater data analysis, propensity modelling and attribution, and CRO analysis. To say it’s been an exciting year is putting it mildly!

Day 11 – PPC & SEO tips for the festive period

Contributed by: The Technical SEO Team

Christmas typically means a lot more traffic for e-commerce sites. To make the most out of the data you gather from visitors, make sure you have all your campaigns correctly set up and that they integrate with your analytics tool. Comparing your PPC campaign data against key e-commerce metrics will help you design better and more efficient campaigns in the future.

The festive period is also a great time to try some A/B testing. See if adding “arrives before Christmas” to your copy increases your conversions and see whether an abandoned basket popup saying “you only have X days left to order before Christmas” leads to more completed purchases.

Day 12 – A gift to ourselves

Contributed by: The Finance Team

Those of you who follow us on social media, or even pass through Rutland Square, might already be aware that we have been revamping our Edinburgh office. It’s been quite the labour of love, but we’re all thrilled with the results.

Right, it’s time for us to head off and enjoy a mince pie or two, thanks for reading and we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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