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Why copywriters should DIE

21st February 2019 by Harry Maule | Content, News & Events

Last Thursday we hosted the DMA Copywriting Club, with talented writers coming from near and far to seek words of wisdom from copywriting guru Glenn Fisher.

The event kicked off with beers and pizza to drain away the stresses of work. Our new, swanky kitchen scored goals of compliments as guests commented on the inescapable pink neon spelling out Digi-Aye? Are we edgy or what? Anyway, not long after becoming more acquainted with one another, we gathered into the main room to listen to what Glenn had to say about copywriting.

He began the talk with an interesting statement: all copywriters must DIE. While some editors may agree with the literal meaning of this controversial acronym, Glenn unpacked it explaining that copywriters must always aim to:

  • Disrupt
  • Intrigue
  • Engage


To disrupt means to create copy that’s unexpected and authentic enough to grab people’s attention. The premise of this argument is that your copy must stand out from the crowd by giving people a reason to turn their heads and engage with what you have to say. To be effective at this stage, Glenn recommended that copy should aim towards the four Us:

  • Useful
  • Unique
  • Urgency
  • Ultra-specific


Now you’ve got their attention, the objective of your copy is to entice your audience. To achieve this you need to:

  • be as specific as possible
  • create a lucid image


In order to fully engage your readers, you need to make sure that what you’ve written provides clear guidance about the topic you’re writing about. You should also make it clear why people should click on the post. Glenn also stressed that writing in fear of making a mistake will only hinder the quality of your copy since it will restrict its ability to disrupt and create anything that is truly authentic.

To take the stress out of copywriting, Glenn advises that you should:

  • Schedule your time.
  • Campaign: don’t get lost in the noise; set an end goal and be strategic in your writing.
  • Be useful: make sure you’re delivering value to your audience.
  • Don’t write, speak: Try and read your copy aloud to get a better idea of the quality of your writing. If you cringe or stutter at a sentence, make sure to rewrite it.
  • Ask for a second opinion: testing your ideas with other people is a great opportunity to get some feedback on your writing. Sometimes we need another pair of eyes to spot flaws in our writing.
  • Be authentic: As highlighted before, don’t stop yourself from trying new things in the fear of making a mistake because this can only stifle creativity.

The talk ended with a typical Q&A session, during which we took great pleasure in picking Glenn’s brain about the biggest struggles that copywriters face. Glenn answered all of the questions candidly, providing examples from his own personal experiences, leaving everyone satisfied and in good spirits. Perhaps the free booze that was on for offer had a part to play as well. Until next time!

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