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Weird & Wonderful Searches

12th May 2020 by Lauren Poole | Content, Content & Search, Search

Weird & Wonderful Searches 

It happens to everyone, you start typing something seemingly innocent into Google and you’re stopped in your tracks with some pretty questionable suggestions. I’m talking about this:


Now, you may be thinking who on earth is searching for this? But, this is where autocomplete comes in, a feature of Google designed to make searches faster, by predicting what you’re going to say next. Google predicts your query based on previous searches and uses trend data relevant to any keywords you’ve used. So believe it or not someone’s searching it.

Let’s test the theory 

Naturally, I’m curious so I decided to test a few basic search queries in incognito mode…

Mmmm cheese.

Top Google autocomplete searches of all-time

I figured I couldn’t be alone, so I’ve rounded up my top five favourites found on the interwebs.

5. Fart so much?


4. Definitely a taco

3. Yup, think I’m a genius


4. Where does one download one of those mythical creatures?

5. Always hate that…

Going behind the scenes

As SEOs, we get the fun task of digging a little deeper to find out exactly what people are searching for. Using various methods and tools, we collect a library of keywords with a high search volume and then marry these up with relevant content to increase its ranking position on search engines.

Along the way, we’ve found some pretty eyebrow-raising, cheek-blushing searches that we feel must be shared.

Here are some of our favourites, starting with…

Seriously, 170 people are searching “person possessed by evil spirit crossword” a month?

No… surely there are no funny keywords when it comes to finance, right?

I’d also like to question why the big finance cheeses of the world allowed 100 FTSE to casually go by the nickname footsie.

A couples getaway, well I suppose we were asking for that one…

Okay, okay, we’re not here to judge. But, surely people don’t look to Google for tips on how to carry out illegal activity?


Perks of the job

As copywriters and SEO consultants, we pair these keywords with relevant content that matches the users intent. But, sometimes as you can see, we have to pick our battles and recognise a lost cause (keyword) as we see them.

When I first started keyword research, a colleague said “You’ll love it, you get to be nosey and find out what people are searching for”. And as any SEO will know, you do gain a funny sense of an upper hand. It’s like tapping into the collective mind of our weird and wonderful world.

Hello, is it us you’re searching for?

From building a stand-out content strategy to performing killer keyword research, find out how we can help drive your SEO.

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