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WebTrends scheduler – deleting unwanted jobs (database solution)

17th February 2011 by Richard Pickett | Data

Whilst carrying out some routine support work for one of our clients recently, we came across an unusual issue. The problem arose when attempting to delete a cancelled ‘Reset Profile Job’ – although it could be removed from the ‘Job Queue’, it still appeared in the list of ‘Scheduled Jobs’. After checking the ‘Job Status’ it became apparent that the job would attempt to run again at the same time every day, until it completed successfully.

With no obvious solution to be found within WebTrends, we instead devised a bespoke solution by editing the necessary WebTrends MSSQL database tables (WT_Sched) and removing the jobs manually.

This fix applies to version 8.x of WebTrends (software).

If you would like us to send you the .sql file with the automated fix, please get in touch – info@yarddigital.com

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