WebTrends make acquisition and ‘Reinvigorate’ their service offering

8th August 2011 by Richard Pickett | Data

WebTrends today announced that it has added analytics company Reinvigorate to its portfolio. Reinvigorate is a package which offers, amongst other things, real-time analytics and excellent data visualisation. Of particular interest to WebTrends users may be the heat map functionality which would provide a great enhancement to the current capabilities of the WebTrends SmartView tool. Reinvigorate also offes a desktop application known as ‘Snoop’ which provides a constant stream of analytics data directly to your desktop, notifying you of all the important metrics on your website.

There are clear synergies here between Analytics 10 and the interface provided by Reinvigorate – this should mean that the two technologies can integrate seamlessly. Reinvigorate is currently only available on an ‘on-demand’ basis – therefore, if WebTrends were to offer this as a standalone interface, it will be interesting to see if this is also made available to customers who are hosting their own WebTrends solution.

Reinvigorate real-time trend graphs

Reinvigorate real-time trend graphs

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