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WebTrends – downloading scenarios using the REST API

15th February 2011 by Richard Pickett | Data

The WebTrends REST API provides a very simple method of getting your report data into a compatible application without the need to install a driver or program. The application simply looks for the data from a correctly formatted URL and returns the data to your chosen application. This piece of functionality has been available in On Demand for some time, and was released in June 2010 for On Premise.

However, in contrast to the ODBC driver that has been around for several years, not all report data can be downloaded, and there are some glaring omissions – most significantly, path and scenario analysis.

This short guide shows you how you can create a custom report to not only view all of your scenario information in a single report, but also allow that report data to be downloaded using the REST API.


This only works for tagged scenarios “WT.si_n and WT.si_p/WT.si_x”, URL based scenarios can generally get step information from the pages report (as long as matching isn’t used, such as regex).

This report will only show step visit information, not the entry/exit paths information that you get from the interface. This is the same information that you can download with the ODBC driver and is fine for almost all dashboard requirements, where only summary information is required.

Step 1: Within the administration section of WebTrends, click report configuration > custom reports > dimensions in the left hand navigation.

Step 2: Create a new Dimension (top right), then choose a suitable name, category and column name. Then click next

Step 3: Select query parameter from the dropdown menu, this tells the dimension what to measure. The parameter name should be WT.si_n – this parameter is the scenario name (make sure the ‘parameter can have multiple values delimited by semicolons’ box is selected) then click next

Step 4: Select all hits from the dropdown menu, this tells the dimension to collect data from every hit. Click next

Step 5: Click save; now the dimension is saved and ready to be inserted into a report.

Step 6: We now need to create a second dimension which will capture the scenario step. Follow steps 2 to 5 again, however this time changing the dimension name and column name on step 2, also changing the query parameter on step 3 to WT.si_p. Now that the dimensions have been created, a report must be created to use these dimensions

Step 7: In the left hand navigation, click reports (this is situated above dimensions) then click new

Step 8: Once the report window opens choose a suitable name and title for the report, then click next

Step 9: Select scenario name as the primary dimension and scenario step as the secondary dimension (these are the custom dimensions that were created).  Also both check boxes need to be selected for the first and secondary dimensions.

Step 10: Click new and select measure from the dropdown menu

Step 11: From the dropdown menu, select visits and click done

Step 12: Repeat steps 10 and 11, however pick the measure view time

Step 13: Click next, once again click next at the filters menu as this report does not require any filters, then save the report.

Step 14: This report now needs to be placed within a profile.  In the left hand navigation, click reports & profiles

Step 15: Edit the profile you want to place the report in by clicking actions and edit

Step 16: Select advanced and then reports from the top navigation bar

Step 17: Select the report from the menu and click save

Step 18: Done! This report has now be added to the profile and will appear after the next analysis.

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