URL Parameter Analysis – Goodbye old friend

23rd May 2012 by Gareth Russell | Data, News & Events

WebTrends have just announced version 10.4 of their analytics solution and with it, came the news that our trusty friend, The URL Parameter Analysis, will soon join Parent/Childs and streaming profiles in statistical oblivion.

URL Parameter Analysis was born out of the need to report on dynamic webpages that used the URL query string to define alternative content and was revolutionary in its ability to report it in two dimensions. Whilst we were restricted to only having “hits” and “visits” as measures, it proved a useful supplement to the pages report on applicable websites and a crude workaround to those clients who wouldn’t buy the custom reports add-on.

Alas, as the WebTrends Custom reports module provided greater flexibility and options for reporting (most notably the ability to pick an accumulation type and add additional measures) and dynamic content stops being delivered through the query string, URL Parameter Analysis declined in usefulness.

  • Phase 1 of its removal has been implemented this week meaning that you can no longer add or edit URL Parameter Analysis
  • Phase 2 – Analysis and population of URL Parameter Analysis reports will continue through until approximately November 2012

Yard Digital has experience and expertise in creating custom reports that can replicate data lost through this change. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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