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Twitter to launch ‘Promoted Tweets’

13th April 2010 by Paul Newbury | Content & Search

Following Twitter’s recent announcement that they will be monetising their website using ‘Promoted Tweets’, we have been asking ourselves how successful this move is really likely to prove to be. The idea behind their promoted tweets is that companies will pay Twitter to show their tweets first whenever a search is made for relevant content. Initially starting with a handful of advertisers, this is due to go live imminently onto Twitter.

As yet we are undecided as to whether this approach will prove to be successful or not. There are two main arguments in our eyes: firstly, how many users use Twitter as a search tool for terms that are typically bid on in Google? Therefore, how successful can these companies possibly be, and furthermore what is the advantage over having users search for your brand and follow your account directly? On the other hand, if you have a genuine interest in the world of coffee, then why would you look any further than the information provided by coffee superbrand Starbucks, especially if their Tweets are right up there at the top of the list? Either way, you have to ask how long it will be before Twitter decide to push ‘relevant’ content from their chosen advertisers directly into your Twitter home screen.

What is clear in all this is that these companies will need to ensure that the ROI for this advertising is thoroughly tracked, mainly through tagging links from their tweets to their main websites. The real argument will be won at this stage, with these advertisers deciding very quickly whether their Twitter investments are really worth the price they are paying….

As for Twitter themselves, I’m sure they’ll be closely monitoring their user volumes and related tweets with interest.

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