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The Yardies Ran in Two by Two, Hurrah!

5th October 2012 by Amanda Bathory | News & Events

Yard’s dynamic duo, Richard Pickett and Paul Newbury, are joining forces to conquer the Cardiff Half Marathon. Raising money to build the first children’s hospital in Wales, they are running for the very worthy Noah’s Ark Appeal.

Running on the Web

The Cardiff Half Marathon is on 14th October 2012, which means only a precious 8 days remain for training.

Twitter Richard Run

Both have been working and running hard to take on Wales’ biggest road race. Long (exhausting) lunchtime runs are frequent during the week and they have been posting their progress on twitter. It all looks very impressive:

Paul's training run, posted to twitter @ffwebs

As they (and 18,000 others,) leg it around Cardiff Bay barracks, dodge curious swans around Roath Park and soak in a full 13 miles worth of Cardiff sights and sounds, the reason for running will spur them on. The Noah’s Ark appeal is the only charity exclusively fundraising for the Children’s Hospital for Wales. The first phase of the hospital has been built and helps to care for children fighting cancer and needing medical care. Richard and Paul are running to raise money for phase two of the project, to raise money for state-of-the-art equipment and the treatments possible.

If you would like to donate anything to this lovely cause and sponsor our Yardies, the just giving page can be found here. If you would like to marvel at their training efforts you can follow them both on twitter, Paul Newbury @ffwebs and Richard Pickett @rwpickett.

You can also follow their progress on the day here.

Good luck chaps!

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