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The Yard Take – BrightonSEO

27th April 2016 by Lauren Pearson | Content & Search, Data, Innovation, News & Events

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Last Friday, Yard Head of SEO Richard Falconer turned on his out of office replies and headed off to BrightonSEO. We expect you’ve heard of it, it’s one of the most popular and respected search conferences in the UK and it has a tendency to sell out in a matter of minutes. Luckily for those of us (and you) who were left behind in the office, Richard did us a favour and picked out his top three talks from the day – ones that he found particularly entertaining and/or interesting.

The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content – Nathalie Nahai

22 minutes that anyone in digital marketing will enjoy. As you’d expect from a keynote speaker, Nathalie gives a very polished and entertaining performance with a lot of very interesting and actionable information on how an understanding of human psychology can help us influence users.


Stat Search Analytics

SSA do probably the most advanced rank checking of any provider. In this talk they provided details from a study they carried out into “featured snippets” – expanded first place rankings which provide definite answers to user queries.

There’s a ton of really interesting detail contained in this plus once you’ve finished watching the talk, they’ve also shared the data on which it was based:

Whitepaper: How to get more featured snippets

Key takeaways:

  • Financial queries generate more featured snippets than any other vertical.
  • Gaining a featured snippet puts you at #0. You can get there from any position on the first page – essentially a top ranking by the back door.

Marcus Tober – SearchMetrics

Skip the previous video ahead to 2:31:16 to watch Marus Tober examine how Google has evolved and what this means for SEO and in particular how it affects the types of “best practice” recommendations that SEOs have long made. A particularly interesting talk because he gives lots of examples and data to back up his assertions.

Key takeaways:

  • The effectiveness of old school “checklist” SEO has decreased significantly
  • Links are still important but importance gradually decreasing as Google improves non-link signals
  • Keywords in titles are really not a big deal, CTR and user engagement is the important thing

– Richard Falconer, Head of SEO, Yard

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