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The Road To Google IQ Exam Success

13th July 2012 by Amanda Bathory | News & Events

Welcome young padawan. My name is Amanda and this week I sat the Google Analytics IQ exam. I passed with 88%. The journey was rocky and at times, I felt overwhelmed, dazed, confused; I lay awake at night puzzling over wordings of questions, with terrible living dreams of disused campaigns and conflicting filters.

Google IQ eaxm 2 - Amanda

How did I come to clash horns with the IQ exam, you may ask? A stranger to technicalities, but with a penchant for problem solving and a tendency for lateral thinking, Yard Digital took me in (only a fortnight ago), collectively clapped me on the shoulder and said ‘You can do it!’

There is a wealth of advice on the internet, nearly all saying ‘IQ exam? It’s hard. Revise, revise and revise some more.’ Outside of this, the advice is fairly vague and if you are prone to fear of the unknown, it certainly kicks in after this realisation.

Preparation Tips

After channelling that fear into productive brain food, there are several starting points which I can highly recommend:

  • Know the exam structure. The test begins after you purchase the exam. You have 90 minutes over 5 days, you must get 80% to pass.
  • Watch the videos in the Google Analytics Conversion University and take as many notes as possible. I filled an A4 book in 4 days. No, I’m not joking.
  • Venture onto Youtube and search for subject areas you are uncertain on. Trust me; it will make you feel better.
  • Set up, or have access to, a Google Analytics account (implement code, set goals and filters- be practical about your learning.)
  • Find practice papers. For example, this test simulator will guide you through every aspect of analytics. You can easily identify the problem areas as right and wrong answers are revealed.

The Exam

Along with preparation and revision, anticipate complex phraseology and cryptic reasoning. During in the exam:

  • Pause for thought. The IQ exam has a pause button, either write down the question and answers, or take a screen grab. Give yourself breathing space to carefully consider what is being asked.
  • Thoroughly read the question. Your ability to read will ultimately shape your result.
  • When the question appears impenetrable, refer to the answers. What do each of the answers mean? Where can they be applied? Tackle the question backwards.
  • Mark the answers you are uncertain of and come back to them.
  • Listen for sound bites; many of the questions directly reveal their answers in the Conversion university videos.
  • If you feel confused or tired, stop and take a break…maybe don’t eat a cookie.

The Results

You will be given your result immediately after submitting your test, with a summary of problem areas to work on. No specific answers are given.

It might feel like Mordor and it is likely that you too will suffer the terrible side effects of the Google IQ exam (such as increased need for cakes and comfort foods), but you will also be victorious. Show that test who’s the boss and remember ‘You can do it!’

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