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The Great Croc Shock

16th April 2020 by Barry Begg | Content

A recently shared ‘Chat with a Fellow Yardie’ that we’re distributing internally to help us get through these tough times has divided opinion in two.

I confessed that the time has come where I’m seriously considering buying Crocs.

According to Crocs, they are the most delightfully comfortable shoes in the world – so who wouldn’t want a pair? Just think of the ease (and joy) of slipping on those Crocs. I am comfortable in my own shoes and it’s time to accept that. No more untying my high-top shell toes any time I’ve got a chore to do, it’s time for Crocs.

I’ve been taken back by the mixed response I’ve received:

“If you do buy some, please don’t let me find out. I don’t want that to taint my views on your dress sense.”

Euan B – an ex-friend

“Green Crocs and straight-cut dungarees for the win. Big with the allotment crowd. I am comfortable in my shoes.”

Allotment homie

“Just no”


The response has more than cheered me up, and it’s got me thinking about how some brands, without any effort at all split opinion. While it’s all a joke, it does elicit a passionate response.

Why does the Marmite effect happen? I hate Marmite – strong word. I dislike Marmite. I heard it might be genetic – who knows, I just know I don’t like it. Is it something that grows on you though?

I never used to like whisky but now I love it. Have I just reached a stage in life where I appreciate things like whisky? Sip it, enjoy it, don’t neck it. Is that the stage I’m at with Crocs? Possibly.

Now here’s a thought in these harsh, difficult, trying times: a fire, a whisky and a pair of Crocs. Close to heaven right there. Would the fire melt the Crocs? Maybe. I’ll stay a safe distance. There’s most likely a Croc meme on that. In fact, Croc have taken it on the chin and used these memes to their advantage. So much so, the CMO has been quoted as saying:

“As I like to say, we needed to turn this from a meme to a dream.”

That’s the spirit!

It’s not just Crocs and Marmite, many brands split opinion for their products and marketing. Burger King recently did a great job of going after McDonald’s by promoting a mouldy Whopper to show that they’ve removed artificial preservatives from their Whoppers. I could eat five Whoppers right now. What about Peloton and their ‘dystopian, sexist’ Christmas advert? Probably a bit on the heavy side for a love letter to Crocs. Either way it hit them hard, losing $1.5 billion in value due to the backlash. Is James Blunt a brand? He’s extremely divisive. He’s also very funny – another confession on a slow day.

Either way you lean, for Crocs or against them, I expect there will be a time in your life when you’re ready to slip a foot into the most delightfully comfortable shoes in the world.

Big thank you to Crocs for their current support for our healthcare workers with their: One for you + one for a hero offer. Give an extra £10 with the purchase of a Classic Clog and they’ll send a pair of shoes to healthcare workers on the frontline.

I think that’s the perfect reason to buy my first pair of Crocs.

Take care and stay at home.

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