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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

10th August 2017 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events


You’re surrounded by crowds on Princes Street, there are street food stands popping up all over the place and in the space of five minutes you’ve walked past a group of students singing acapella, a comedian that you’ve definitely seen on Mock the Week before, and a man standing on his head in a bucket.

That’s right – the Edinburgh Fringe is here once again and because we know that the whole thing can be a little overwhelming, we’ve put together a handy guide of some of our top recommendations.

Mark Anderson – Campaign and Content Manager:

I went to see James Acaster last week. He mixes self-deprecating humour with long, sometimes bizarre, often imagined tales from his life.  He’s actually performing a trilogy of shows this year, with different evenings featuring material from 2014, 2015 and 2016. Great news if you’ve missed out on seeing some of his previous stuff!

Kirsten McVey – Campaign Manager:

I’m really excited to be going to see Jason Manford next week and hopefully I’ll finally get round to seeing Austentatious this year, I’ve only heard good things!

Kate Barlow – Digital PR Executive:

I saw Trainspotting last weekend and it was really good! Especially if you’re a fan of the film and/or early 90’s rave music. Be warned though – there is a lot of somewhat questionable audience interaction!

Douglas Sinclair – Digital PR Executive:

I’ve not managed to catch anything at the Fringe so far but my a friend of mine recommended this guy from last year to me.

Richard Falconer – Head of SEO:

I’m planning on heading along to this fundraiser for Leith Theatre featuring Irvine Welsh, the Fire Engines and Arthur Baker, plus a screening of the original film.

Lauren Pearson – PR & Marketing Manager

They’ve already been mentioned but I see Austentatious and James Acaster every year (would highly recommend both) and I’ve already been to see Daniel Sloss, who is great if you like slightly dark humour. I’m also going to try to get tickets to see Sara Pascoe as I’m a big fan of everything she does on the various panel shows I’ve seen her on.

Marta Tycinska – Content and Outreach Manager:

I never miss a festival Optimo! JD Twitch and JG Wilkes are known for their seemingly endless knowledge of a multitude of genres, and for throwing the best party in Scotland. Then there’s Joe’s NYC Bar, an improvisational and immersive piece of theatre that transports the audience to New York City. I missed this last year, but I’ll be sure to catch it this August.

Well there you have it – some of the best shows to see at the Fringe as recommended by our fantastic search and content team. What show are you looking forward to seeing most? Tweet us your tips @YardDigital!

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