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The Best Christmas Adverts of 2019

12th December 2019 by Lauren Poole | Content, News & Events

The Best Christmas Adverts of 2019

Whispers of the Christmas party, social media countdowns – the festive spirit is among us! It’s that time of year when we all start paying attention to the adverts on the telly and cast our votes on who’s launched the best Christmas advert. I think watching Christmas adverts as a child was the first time I appreciated the joy (and power) of marketing. Around the nation, you hear “It’s not Christmas until you’ve seen the Coca-Cola Lorry” or “Have you seen the John Lewis advert yet?”. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love the warm fuzzy feeling you get when watching a Christmas ad?

I’ve decided to cast my vote publicly this year, pulling together a few favourites and awarding the brand an individual category. And the awards go to…

Most on-trend: Bootiques

Launching Gift Like You Get Them, Boots tells the classic Christmas tale of finding the perfect present, starring those hard to buy for people. Introducing ‘Bootiques’ for many of the latest trends, including ‘What to buy the person who’s 100% vegan and you’re 100% clueless’ helps us nail the perfect gift.


Most feel good: Amazon

Making us feel Christmas ready with an uplifting cover of Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Amazon shows friends, family and loved ones getting prepared for the season. From long train journeys back home, romantic airport reunions to receiving your Christmas parcels – This short but sweet ad neatly captures the feeling of families coming together for Christmas.


Funniest award: Silence the Critics

Ikea’s debut Christmas ad is anything but traditional. Starting with a surprising rap performed by house ornaments, the story focuses on the looming dread of hosting during the Christmas period. The brand says they chose the idea of the home shame because of a shared feeling people have when entertaining over the festive season. The ad is delivered in a refreshingly humorous way, showing us how with a sprinkle of Ikea magic, you can spruce up your home and feel house proud.


Most traditional: Nicholas the Sweep

Being a consistent player in the top Christmas adverts, Sainsbury’s did not hold back this year. With a narrative of humble beginnings, generosity and kindness, the advert is topped off with a twist that heavily hints that this is the story of how Father Christmas became Father Christmas. Sainsbury’s have hit the nail on the head with this one; nothing quite says Christmas classic quite like Nicholas the sweep and his (on-brand) orange clementines.


Most original: Free to Be

For me, standing out in the crowd this year is European retailer, Zalando, in a 60-second tale of unifying Christmas spirit across generations. I may be a bit biased as Free to Be features one of my all-time favourite songs, Cosmic Dancer – T-Rex, but if this doesn’t make you want to do something special for someone for Christmas, I don’t know what will.


Best message: Adopt a Better Future

In a time of indulgence, WWF urges us to think beyond the festivities with their not so Christmassy, Christmas advert. Stressing the sad realities of deforestation, Adopt a Better Future shows the destress forest fires cause animals who get forced to flee their homes. Inspired by influential figures like Greta Thunberg, the advert calls on the younger generation to take action to achieve a better future.


Tearjerker of the year: Gift for Thought

As a nineties kid, I have fond memories of the classic Gap hoody. A story through the years, we see a bond between mother and son. As well as pull on the heartstrings, this advert will probably make you nostalgic for mobile-free days. This ad is a warming reminder that the little things mean the most.


Most heartwarming: Excitable Edgar

This is the first time we see a combined John Lewis & Waitrose advert, and naturally, it has caused a few mixed reviews. Responses feared that Edgar the dragon was ‘too scary for children’ or the Christmas Ad giant has played it ‘too safe’ this year and dropped their high standards. However, it’s a winner in my eyes. The Disneyesque narrative follows a story of true friendship and forgiveness between a fiery young dragon and a young girl.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Coca Cola

The ad that officially tells us that the Holidays are Coming, the Coca Cola truck is back. At a time where large brands hold no expense and share a message to the world, Coca Cola has dedicated their 2019 advert to recycling. The slogan reads ‘Give something back this Christmas. Please recycle.’ For a company that produces mass plastic packaging, this is quite a statement. In support of their message, they have vowed to donate 10p for every can sampled and recycled throughout their famous truck tour. For more details, you can track the truck tour here.


That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our round-up. Maybe next year we will have a Yardie Christmas advert… Want more Christmas advert goodness? Check out our Instagram or Twitter, or take a look at The Drum, who is collating all the adverts they can get their hands on.


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