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The Back Yard – November 2018

29th November 2018 by Harry Maule | Innovation, News & Events

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

– James Cash Penney  

As autumn fades and the cold of winter starts to creep in, Team Yard have remained as colourful as the autumn leaves. In truth, we’ve been working diligently, and we truly have made some great leaps forward. They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day and … well, neither was Yard. 

What we’ve been up to

November has been an interesting month for several reasons. We’ve been shortlisted for two fantastic awards for starters. Our Managing Director, Richard had a meeting in Hong Kong with some financial heavyweights. We hosted our first digital marketing event at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh, and it was a great success. Our Cardiff office has added further growth to Yard by creating a special Data Science Team and, most importantly, our very own Head of Tech SEO Scott McClay has compared Scotland’s Charlie Adam to the Italian football legend, Andre Pirlo.

For all you non-football fans, that’s like comparing a half-full and neglected bottle of Buckfast to a vintage Cabernet Sauvignon. It sure has been an interesting month.


The two awards we’ve been shortlisted for are the Best Large SEO Agency at the UK Search Awards and the Expansion and Digital Agency of the Year at the Drum Agency Awards. This is a real testament to everyone’s contribution to the company’s progress, and without all our Yardies working cohesively as a team, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to drink all the free beer at both Awards…

Taking on the world

As it turns out, the tremors of our unstoppable SEO movement in the UK can be felt in Asia, and so Richard had the pleasure of representing Yard in Hong Kong with some of our clients. Yard has an increasing demand for global services and so it’s important for us to find partners on the ground in all major markets.

The Cardiff office has also been spreading the Yard overseas, with the recent acquisition of two new international clients helping to propel us into new territory. Their Solutions Design Team have been busy running on-site workshops in international locations by understanding client requirements as well as getting a real understanding for new clients’ businesses.

Taking on the world will of course have its challenges, but we’ll take this in our stride because well… that’s just what we do.

Showcasing our talents at the Sheraton

Our Yard veterans had the pleasure of hosting our first seminar at the Sheraton Hotel, in which they delivered insightful presentations focused on Digital Marketing for Financial and Professional Services. We covered topics such as history and the future of search, best paid media tactics and predictive attribution modelling using machine learning.

The event was such a success that we are looking to host another seminar sometime soon. Next time, we’ll bring the magic to Cardiff.

New Data Science Team

As restless as ambition, our Welsh contingent has been harnessing its expertise in the data analytics sector by creating a new Data Science team. The addition of this team has extended Yard’s services to include data analysis, propensity modelling and attribution, predictive modelling for marketing, CRO analysis and recommendations. In short, we know our data.

What our clients have been up to

As much as we would like to talk about what mischief we’ve been up to, we would like to mention some of the major developments that our clients have been working on.

Activity Superstore

At the end of October, Activity Superstore launched a new website, in time for the busy festive period. In November, the gift experience retailer’s Supercar Capitals interactive content seized the attention of the national press. The Daily Mail, The Sun and the Evening Standard all picked up the story that London is home to more luxury motors than New York, Moscow and LA.

DC Thomson

DC Thomson continued to spoil their fans through the publications of two new books. Read about how Christmas was prepared and celebrated over the past 50 years in the endearingly nostalgic A Classic Christmas. Learn the proper way to carve a turkey, spark your inner creativity through home-made Christmas prezzies and learn useful tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree properly (you are probably doing it wrong).

The excitement doesn’t end there. With it being the 150th anniversary of The People’s Friend, DC Thomson have released a special 148-page publication to celebrate the world’s longest-running women’s weekly magazine. The paperback includes rare archive material since the beginning of its existence. So make sure that you take a small peek at it here.

Yardies of the Month

Yardie of the month is a nice gesture that ultimately coincides with the Yard ethos: if you work hard, it will get noticed. So, who has gone the extra mile? Who has provided the most support for the team? Who has been forthright when dealing with complex scenarios?

Well, the votes have been counted, and the winners are…

Dawid Lamparski (Cardiff)

“Dawid’s continued strong efforts with BGR and the new onsite visits deserve this month’s award in my eyes.” 

“Consistent outstanding work. A silent backbone of the company.” 

“Managing comms and completing work for one of the busiest clients consistently, by himself.” 

“This month I’m voting for Dawid as he is one of the unsung heroes at Yard. Month after month.” 

Dawid grinds away on British Gas Retail with most of his work going unnoticed; this is because he does such a fantastic job at managing the client by himself. Dawid consults, he manages, and then he delivers for British Gas.”

Joanna Moska (Edinburgh)

“For organising a fantastic event and always bringing a smile to work :)”

“Excellent work on the Yard event. Almost 100% turnout which is mostly down to Joanna engaging the invitees.”

“Joanna has just arranged an excellent #YardInsights event in Edinburgh, and will be organising the same event for the Cardiff office in the new year. Thanks to her dogged determination to try and speak to all attendees prior, the final attendee list was not only accurate but almost 100% of the attendees turned up. Really impressive stuff.”

So what’s next?

Working hard and efficiently as a team has become the fundamental ingredient to Yard’s growth. As James Penney pointed out, growth does not come from mere chance, it comes from working together.

And so, what’s the forecast for December? More hard work.

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