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The Back Yard – January 2019

1st February 2019 by Harry Maule | News & Events

Last year was a great year. We travelled to unexplored territory. We were nominated for several prestigious awards as a result of our talent and hard work. We also proved our salt and gained a number of new contracts. It was a good year indeed. However, as the painful ’New year, new me’ cliché goes, it’s now time to shed our skin and grow into something bigger and better. But first, let’s fill you in on what mischief we’ve been up to and what we’ve got in store for the coming month. 

Yard’s visit to the Middle East

Our very own three wise men Ian, Neale and Luke are currently on a journey to the Middle East, bearing gifts of knowledge, wisdom and analytics to the birth of an exciting new project for an airline client. The prophecy has been said. They will provide excellent industry analysis that can only be marvelled at. They will shine the light on a new strategy that is pillared on accurate data.  

Cardiff’s Digital Marketing Insights for Financial and Professional Services

On 31 January, our Welsh contingent in Cardiff hosted an insightful event that revealed many secrets on how to compete in the financial digital playground. The event was led by several professional speakers who provided golden nuggets of information on several hotly debated topics impacting digital marketers. These included the use of machine learning and the latest paid media techniques. Rounding the event off was a discussion on how the digital landscape may change for firms in the financial industry.  

Yardies of the Month

They say that many hands make light work. A proverb that couldn’t be truer when it comes to describing how Yard operates; an interdependent system that places emphasis on dedication and hard work. However, just like in any team, there are always a few stars that shine the brightest.  

 The results are in, and our Yardies of the month are…

Euros Hogsden (Cardiff)

“Deserves recognition for constant hard work.”

“Euros has been effortlessly managing multiple projects, and clients with no issues. He never complains, neither do his clients.”

“This person is a silent backbone to the company, always busy but never complains and has been working with a few of his clients for years with no complaints from them either. An asset to the company.”

Shannon Reilly (Edinburgh)

“For helping out with NIVEA at the drop of a hat when we were preparing for the six-month review meeting” 

 “For stepping in on SB last minute and always bringing a can-do attitude :)” 

 “Asked to come to the SB meeting at relatively short notice, to talk through outreach approach YTD. With minimal fuss, she turned up, presented really well and left the client impressed.” 

As January comes to an end, we can look forward to picking up some momentum for the latest challenges we have set out for ourselves. 2018 was a great year but 2019 will be better.

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