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Scary October is over

8th November 2019 by Scott McPate | News & Events

What a scary month October was for us. We battled through the TERROR of hosting our first event in London, which wasn’t scary at all. We faced our public speaking DEMONS with the help of Kirsty Hulse. We’ve talked about our TERRIFYING way of creating and aligning goals in our latest blog post. And we’ve also brought into the team two SPOOKILY talented individuals in Edinburgh.

Proceed only if you feel brave enough…

#YardInsights visits London

Our first London event based on the topic of Data Science Powered CRO took place on 30 October at the Adobe Customer Experience Centre. We enjoyed some great talks from Axel Heyenga (Adobe), Stephen Pavlovich (Conversion) and Emily Davies and Paul Newbury (Yard).

Discussing the changing landscape of retail to Ecommerce, the speakers provided active examples of how they are applying new technologies and models that help deliver more revenue-generating insights.

To read more about the event or to receive a copy of the slides then please click here >

Hear us ROAR!

This month we welcomed Kirsty Hulse to give the teams in Cardiff and Edinburgh a lesson in enhancing communication on a personal and professional level. The workshops delved into the nuances of neuroscience along with workable models that we could use in everyday situations.

Kirsty brings a lot of enthusiasm to these workshops along with some practical exercises to help give confidence to everyone taking part. If you’re looking to improve your organisational communication, then we heartily recommend Kirsty Hulse and ROAR!

Learn more about ROAR!

What does success really look like?

Over the last year we’ve introduced a few new models to help improve the way we work as an organisation. One of these has been OKRs, which we have used to align our company goals with our team goals. This gives us hard targets to reach and makes us detail more meaningful goals.

This allows us to avoid some of the pitfalls of vanity metrics and are better placed to attribute value to where we are making improvements across the organisation.

Read our full article

New team members and some home improvements

In October we’ve been lucky to welcome not one, but two new starters to the Edinburgh team with Hannah Chillingworth joining as Financial Director and Rona Leslie starting as an SEO Account Manager. We’ve also completed some more renovations in the Edinburgh office with a new meeting room in place along with a new breakout area to allow more hot desking. The Cardiff office is also having a little facelift in the coming weeks and we’ll share the results next month.

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