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Responsive Web Design Workshop for #NationalCodingWeek

30th September 2015 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events


On Friday 25th September we took part in this year’s National Coding Week by hosting a free afternoon workshop on responsive web design in the events space of our Edinburgh office.

National Coding Week is a week-long event offering adults an insight into digital industries, with events planned up and down the country. The aim is to give adults an opportunity to learn how to write computer code, potentially opening the door to a new career. Co-founder Richard Rolfe said:

“The key aims of National Coding Week are to encourage adults of any age to learn an element of computer coding, to encourage digital experts to share their skills, and to collaborate, share, learn and have fun! No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to code – I learnt at age 51!”


Our sell-out workshop coordinated by our Senior Web Developer Radek Milcarz required no previous experience, just an interest in learning something new. At 1pm on Friday we laid out fresh coffee and a supply of biscuits in the events space (a key part of any workshop) and waited for our keen coders to arrive, laptops in hand.

We started the workshop with a brief introductory session to get to know everyone and their reasons for attending. Many of our coders wanted to get to grips with the basics of coding to be able to better understand their company websites and to be able to communicate more effectively with colleagues in the IT department. Others were working towards a total career change – the Scottish Government calculate that more than 10,000 new people are needed every year to fill the high-value roles the digital industry generates, so there are some great opportunities available.



The goal for the afternoon was for everyone to understand the importance of having a responsive website and then to have the opportunity to build a basic responsive web page themselves. This was something that our coders were happy to get stuck into, feeling that they learnt more about how the code worked by doing it themselves and seeing firsthand how the changes affected the design of their web page.


Towards the end of the afternoon the web pages had all begun to take shape and looked something like this – it was great for our coders to see all their hard work come together:


We’d like to thank all of our participants for coming along for the afternoon and making the workshop a success, as well as National Coding Week for encouraging people up and down the country to explore coding.

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