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Refine in Realtime: Google Analytics Update Gold Mine

5th September 2012 by Amanda Bathory | Data, News & Events

Good news everyone! Google Analytics is the first analysis package to offer Real-Time segmented data. With that in mind, analytical Yardies have been eagerly putting this new feature through its paces and realising how it can improve reporting capabilities.

First, a quick explanation of how it works and where to find it:

‘Real Time’ data is found in the Google Analytics interface and can be drilled down into location, traffic source and content. Clicking on each menu will reveal a variety of live data including key words, search source, active pages, maps and all manner of exceedingly useful, live data.  Monitoring how and when content is viewed, the effectiveness and success of short promotions and monitoring traffic from social media sites is all revealed in real time tracking (and no changes to the tracking code are required to access the live data. Simple.)

To segment the live data, select a report. For this example we are looking at ‘Traffic Sources.’ Chose the click-able blue dimension, or ‘medium,’ you would like to track. In the picture below, these are listed under the ‘Metric Total.’

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

Selecting ‘Organic,’ specifies that ‘organic’ is a segment and appears at the head of the report as a blue tab. This real-time report will now only show site visitors who are arriving via an organic search. We can also see the source search engine of the traffic and the keyword used. You can add more segments to explore the live data further, by selecting highlighted dimensions.


Traffic Sources, with an ‘Organic’ segment

This fascinating, dimension based live data, reveals the full user journey and is undeniably handy when time is of the essence. Google Analytics is free for anyone to use and is now the only tracking package to instantaneously track campaigns, measure popularity and the success/flop of social media campaigns. Exciting stuff.


Location report, with an ‘Indonesia’ Segment.



Another new feature called ‘Shortcut‘ has also crept quietly into the GA dashboard. Simple and brilliant, there is now the option to create a shortcut to all your most important (and most frequented) reports in GA. In the header bar, simply click ‘Shortcut,’ name the report and it will readily await your next usage in menu bar (under the ‘Shortcut’ icon, pictured.) These shortcut reports can be emailed and exported.

That’s quite a lot of information to take in for this morning, so I suggest a good long lunch before embarking on any real-time adventures or building shortcuts this afternoon. No arguments, that’s analyst’s orders!

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