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Pinterest Home Improvements, For Pinterest

13th August 2012 by Jennie Stamp | Content & Search

As Pinterest recently announced the move from the invite only beta version, to open registration, what does this transition mean for the future of the virtual pinboard social network? Is this move from beta too soon, too late, or totally irrelevant?

It could be argued that the invite only aspect of the site part of the attraction, providing users with a feeling of exclusivity, like they are members of a special club. So now anyone can join, will these users go and find the latest social media platform in order to regain this exclusivity?

There is always the risk that Pinterest could stagnate. With new social platforms launching daily, how can they innovate and keep their users’ attention?

Embrace e-commerce

  • Pinterest could embrace the e-commerce functionality further, like their rival The Fancy. With more focus on revenue, rather than just the attractive virtual pinboard. But then again, this is what users love about the site, the simplicity, pretty and clean appearance of the site. Why clutter it and distract from their initial virtual scrapbook focus?

Focus, Don’t get distracted

  • Slightly contradictory of the former, but perhaps Pinterest shouldn’t get too distracted and go off on a tangent. Stick to their initial selling point that made Pinterest the huge hit it is, and hope their users stay loyal?

Filter content

  • Perhaps they will need to filter pins? Now the site is open to anybody, what will stop everyone pinning everything and the site being flooded with rubbish content, discouraging the original pinners.

More attention on mobile

  • Pinterest still suffers from teething problems on their main site, despite launching way back in 2008. However, they have made recent updates that have improved it. But the mobile apps are still a bit of a mess. Considering the rapid increase in smartphone adoption, they need to embrace the mobile market and focus on improving their apps to encourage easy pinning.

Don’t get a big (pin)head

  • Facebook has upset their users many times by making big changes to their platform, the introduction of the timeline for a start. Pinterest need to be careful not to upset their users as there are plenty of similar rival sites for them to disperse to.

With over 104 million users, a year on year increase of 4000+% and ranked the third most popular social network, will the new open registration really affect them? Time will tell.

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