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People You Don’t Want Using Social Media

11th February 2013 by Caitlin Hardie | Content & Search

Today’s news that 3 people have been sacked by the Home Office for their use of social media is causing some interesting discussion on Twitter.

There’s the inevitable “Haha, they were using Bebo and MySpace!” but there’s also a sense of “Fired for using social media, in this day and age, really?”

While it may seem that social media is both ubiquitous and a panacea, this thinking is a fallacy.

Please consider the following professions and their usage of social media whilst carrying out their core work:


Social Media surgeons, really?

Social Media surgeons, really?

Whilst poking around in your insides, do you really want your surgeon to be poking around on Facebook?
No, thought not.


Social Media pilots, really?

Social Media pilots, really?

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain, Roger Gifford-Smythe* speaking, I’ll be tweeting for you this morning on this FictionAir flight from Eh to Bee” You want that?
No, thought not.

Supermarket Cashier

Social Media cashiers, really?

Social Media cashiers, really?

When the beep-beep-beeping at the checkout is the cashier messaging her mates on Facebook, are you happy about that?
No, thought not.

Joking aside…

As with most things there’s a time and a place for social media.

Whilst it’s great that surgeons are able to operate remotely, and to use social networks in order to exchange information, it’s also entirely understandable that devices are banned in theatre.


*If there is an actual Roger Gifford-Smythe, this is entirely coincidental and no insinuation about his safe piloting should be taken.

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