Over 50% will shop online

21st September 2009 by Gareth Russell | News & Events

Over half of the UK population will be shopping online by 2013, according to findings by eMarketer. Their research has found that online businesses can expect a rise from 26.9 million people currently spending on the internet to a projected 31.8 million consumers in four years time.

The shopping behaviour of 14-17 year old age group has seen a marked decline due to the financial downturn, as the knock on effect of their parents tightening their purse strings and lack of credit takes hold. Predictions are that change will be clear by 2011 when the economy has returned to some sort of normality and this age group are spending again.

This is further positive news following a report by IMRG Capgemini whose e-Retail Sales Index showed an upturn in online sales with consumers aiding online business to prosperous sum of 4.2bn in July, a significant rise of 16.8%.

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