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New Year, new Yard

26th February 2019 by Joanna Moska | News & Events

New Year, new Yard

The New Year means new beginnings, and it certainly felt that way coming back after Christmas break to our brand-new Edinburgh office.

December was a busy month at Yard as we went through a major refurbishment and transformation of the office.

We wanted our working space to represent the true Yardie culture – fun, creative and full of personality.

Our interior designer Carrie Maginn had this to say about the process:

Initial discussions resonated words like monochrome, boring colours and beer pong games. The team craved a fresh, new, vibrant and holistic approach to the interior. They wanted it to be colourful, bright and full of energy, as well as lots of plants. They also needed more comfortable, multi-use spaces with smart, modern furniture.

Through a series of consultations with the team and plenty of research, I began to envision a range of colours for each space, each with its own identity and personality; bold and bright, soft and neutral, dark and mysterious. Each room had its own unique feature that could be highlighted, from gigantic marble fireplaces to small hidden windows.

The office resides in a typical Georgian-style building within a New Town Edinburgh square. I felt this was an opportunity to take a more residential approach to the designs. It was "kitchens and living rooms", rather than "canteens and boardrooms". Visuals began to emerge, honing in on colour palettes, furniture selections and lighting that illustrated rooms full of character, with large text on walls and mix-matched chairs.

I felt it was important to work with local fabricators and builders on this project and bring an artist on board to design a mural for the living room and create unique signage for the kitchen. I envisioned a pink neon sign that could punctuate some aspect of the team culture sat above a mantlepiece. Over time, and with plenty of back and forth, a set of final designs and production plans emerged that I felt sparked real excitement.

It was an amazing process of discovery and learning working with such talent. The team showed enthusiasm and patience while I was in the office scrutinising a corner of a room, measuring and remeasuring, sketching or taking photographs. I feel the resulting spaces are inspiring, contemporary, fun and versatile, reflecting an evolved culture, identity and ambition.

Office interior design has undergone a massive shift in the past ten years. Words like resimercial have emerged and the desire to work in a more home-like environment is obvious. It's important when designing in this context to find the balance. The approach must always be unique, and thankfully we've gone past chucking a sofa and a few bean bags in a room to achieve a "cool office".

It's about respecting the building’s architecture, the brand, culture and clients’ needs, and combining that with smart design, a good eye for detail and quality craftsmanship. Great office interior design has a proven positive impact on wellbeing, collaboration, creativity and overall productivity in the workplace. To me, it's a no-brainer.

I want to thank everyone involved, including Splintr, Umber and Ochre, Bureau, Thomas Payne, Charley's Chalk, Black Box and of course, Yard.

Carrie Maginn, Interior Designer

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