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#MyTechStory – Chris Jenkins

20th November 2015 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

Between 5.10.15 and today, The Tech Partnership have been targeting young people making important decisions about their futures with the #MyTechStory campaign, aiming to illustrate the opportunities available to those who choose a career in tech.

Here’s Yard’s final story – from Senior Web Developer Chris Jenkins:

I haven’t always been confident with technology – computers especially. When I was very young I once accidentally completely broke the PC, so for a long time I was terrified to do anything I hadn’t been shown before in case it happened again. At first I mostly used the computer to browse the web and chat with friends on MSN, as whenever I tried something new, something bad always seemed to happen – once I visited a fan made site for Dragonball Z and received a pop-up that told me my computer was going to self destruct! (It didn’t of course.)

I hadn’t planned to go into further education as I didn’t really consider myself ‘smart’ enough – I was dead set on finding an apprenticeship of some kind, but after doing surprisingly well in my GCSEs and not being able to find a suitable apprenticeship I decided I may as well do my A-Levels after all. Then one day I was in an IT lesson where I had to create macros for my Excel project and I completely messed it up. I was told to delete it all and start again, but instead I tried going into the code of the macro to find the problem and fix it – which I did successfully. When I showed my teacher what I had done I remember her saying: “that’s impressive, have you ever thought about being a developer” and that small comment ended up leading me to where I am today.

I did well in my A-Levels and went to university to study Software Development with Web Programming, before joining Yard shortly after graduating. My current job title is Senior Web Developer, and a typical day for me involves either building and developing bespoke websites or web tools, or implementing and maintaining the marketing and analytics tracking code on Yard’s client websites. In order to do these tasks I write code in JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python or whatever is needed to do the job.

I love my job because I love creating and writing code which then sits on large client websites that are visited by thousands of people everyday. I like the fact that as a result of my code, these large companies make important decisions to improve their businesses.

My biggest career success to date has definitely been to be promoted to a senior position within my team, it was great to be recognised for my hard work and for how much I’ve learnt and developed over the years I’ve spent at Yard. In the future, I’d really like to be managing my own team here at Yard, but of course to still be developing new websites and products.

I’d encourage anyone to consider getting into the digital industry because from my experience, it’s  one of the only industries where almost everyone on the course was able to get a job straight after graduating – there are so many opportunities. Not only that, but I think programming is genuinely really fun!

– You can find more information on how the campaign went here

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