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Meet the Yardies – Jeff & Rhys

20th December 2018 by Caitlin Hardie | News & Events

Meet our Yardies. We’re a dedicated bunch of like-minded individuals growing rapidly because of our love for digital. Based in Edinburgh and Cardiff, we’re an award-winning agency, and we want you to meet the people that are integral to our success.

Last month, we spoke to our Sales Development Manager, Joanna and Development Team Member, Chris. This month meet Jeff Hutchins, our Global Project Manager from the Edinburgh office and Rhys Hogsden, our Technical Services Manager based in Cardiff.

Jeff Hutchins, Global Project Manager

Name or what you like to be called:


How long have you worked at Yard?

3 ½ years

What team are you in?


If you could take a fully funded year off- what would you do and where would you go?

I’d go travelling to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Describe what your typical day looks like from start to finish.

The day starts off by reviewing project statuses, time logs and resource planner, having catch up calls with project owners, internal stakeholders and clients. I also work with the team in Cardiff, preparing documentation for internal and external purposes.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I oversee all the data projects/BAU that go through the Cardiff office. We have a strong roster of clients that all have different business challenges that we assist with.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Every day is unique, each day brings new challenges and highlights.

When I’m not at work, I…

…am coaching an Ice Hockey Team and spending time with my family.

What are your top 4 tracks of the moment?

1) Leave a Light On – Tom Walker

2) Girls Like You – Maroon 5 FT Cardi B

3) YoungBlood – 5 Seconds of Summer

4) River – Eminem FT Ed Sheeran

Rhys Hogsden, Technical Services Manager

Name or what you like to be called:


How long have you worked at Yard?

8 years

What team are you in?

Data (development and innovation)

Recommend a TV series that we all need to watch!

Line of Duty

What’s your favourite or most memorable ad/marketing campaign?

The old Tango adverts “the hit of the whole fruit”

What projects are you working on at the moment?

FTD Data Model creation for their new website, fixing Amadeus video tracking from what was identified in the audit I wrote alongside Neale.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Meeting new people and helping clients with achieving better implementations of their analytics/marketing technologies. That and the gym membership contribution!

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your job?

Telling clients that they’re wrong.

When I’m not at work, I…

…go to the gym when I can, play a bit of rugby and do some DIY. I also watch a lot of TV.

What are your top 4 tracks of the moment?

1. Kyra (The Midnight Remix) – Clubhouse feat. The Midnight

2. My Own Life – Sonic Syndicate

3. Campfire Tales – Philter feat. Xploding Plastix

4. Black Rose – Volbeat, Danko Jones

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