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A MeasureCamp Day Out

10th March 2016 by Lauren Pearson | Data, News & Events

This year’s MeasureCamp on Saturday 5th March was, as always, jam-packed, busy and above all an incredibly informative day.

The Yard attendees started the morning feeling a little tired after a late night spent enjoying some of London’s finest bars, but a short walk in the cold spring air cleared our heads and we arrived refreshed and ready for a day of learning and exchanging ideas and information. After breakfast though, of course.

Our MeasureCamp newbie Ben started off attending the introductory talk whilst Dan, Jac, Nathan and I caught up with some old friends and other longtime MeasureCamp attendees. We also had the opportunity to meet up with our new friends and partners ObservePoint, who were gold sponsors at the event.

measurecamp london 2016

Once Ben had returned to the fold we all attended the welcome session for a quick introduction to the “un-conference” apart from Nathan, who as one of the day’s organisers was tasked with helping to welcome any stragglers and finishing the setting up. After the usual rush to get the first session cards up on the board, the first sessions got underway and Dan, Jac, Ben and I attended a very interesting session on using R to contextualize data extracted from Google Analytics.

Whilst the rest of us greatly enjoyed this talk it turned out not to be something Dan had a particular interest in so, in keeping with the benefits of the “un-conference” format, he left to find something more his style. A busy and interesting morning followed and we attended many varied sessions such as ‘De-Duplication versus Privacy’, ‘Is your Data Correct? Are your Tags in Place?’ and ‘Digital Analytics Upskilling & Career Tips’.

In the afternoon, we launched into some more great talks. Highlights included ‘Avengers Analytics – Soft Skills to Become a Legend’ which several members of the team found extremely insightful, as well as an interesting talk on ‘Managing Lots of Stakeholders’.

As the afternoon moved on, Dan represented Yard by providing a talk on ‘Adobe Tips & Tricks’, where we gained valuable insight from others about how to get the best out of Adobe Analytics. As well as picking up some tips ourselves, we also provided some useful information to a couple of beginner Adobe Analytics users. This sharing of information is one of the main purposes of MeasureCamp: to learn from experts and to pass on knowledge to those who need it. Dan then went on to attend a talk on Excel reporting and in the spirit of MeasureCamp he shared his extensive Excel knowledge.

yard measurecamp london march 2016

The open bar was a welcome sight by the end of the day as we listened to Cubed CEO Russell McAthy’s infamous panel talk, which offers a chance for some Q & A with leading industry experts. The closing ceremony included some interesting tales, as well as a chance to provide feedback on the day, how it went, and what the highlights were. Yard’s Nathan will again be on the organising committee for the next event, further cementing his place as a MeasureCamp guru!

After a long and highly informative day, the team headed to a local watering hole for some complimentary drinks and networking, before heading off for some much needed quiet contemplation of the day’s many helpful words. The Data and Insight team are already greatly looking forward to the next one!

-Euros Hogsden, Web Analytics Consultant, Yard

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