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MeasureCamp – Analytics Unconference 14th September London

17th September 2013 by Paul Bruce | Data, News & Events

This weekend’s MeasureCamp at Mozilla’s HQ in London was a resounding success, the third in the series of events saw over 100 digital analytics experts from across Europe come together for the popular unconference.

With free tickets this time selling out in minutes rather than hours it was a difficult one to get tickets for but here at Yard we managed it and boy are we glad we did.

MeasureCamp Grid

For those unaware a unconference is where the content is provided by the attendees, most of which are decided upon on the day and placed on the session-grid. Gone are the long presentations and instead 30 minute open discussions alongside short presentations are the nature of the day.

For MeasureCamp 3 there was a variety of sessions on offer ranging from the highly technical to strategy based discussions around analytics. We had the pleasure of attending sessions including one around Adobe’s Insight analytics tool, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Google Analytics Implementation mistakes, Google Tag Manager, Analytics strategy and Black Hat Analytics II.

Highlights included Craig Sullivan’s “Why does my CRO suck?” presentation in Craig’s usual uniquely passionate manner, Dave Rhee’s slightly off-topic but equally engaging “Keys to Success: Tapping the Secretly Competent Employees Network” session and who can forget Phil Pearce’s “Black Hat Analytics II” with more Sci-fi references than your average comic-con.

As always there was the popular swear-jar where those words the analytics community chooses to ban for one day in aid of charity which this year included: ninja/rockstar/guru, “it depends…”, data scientist, big data & hits.

The key to any unconference is knowledge sharing, you get what you give to the event. A unique opportunity for the best analytics minds to share tips and expertise on all things analytics.

A lot of work goes into planning MeasureCamp and here at Yard we’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the organisers behind the event.

Why not browse some of the event slides using this Storify link.

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