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Measure Camp London 2015

25th September 2015 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

On Saturday 19th September a group of our Cardiff Yardies travelled to London to attend Measure Camp London, a bi-annual analytics event that brings people from all corners of the analytics world to one room with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience with each other. Yard have been involved in the event since we built their website in 2013.

Unusually for an event of this nature, Measure Camp is free to attend with limited ticket releases, each release sold out in minutes, showing the popularity of this great event!

measurecamp1The day is in the style of an “un-conference” where the delegates can choose to speak about whatever they wish, so long as people want to hear about it! As there were 9 rooms and 8 time slots, this meant that there were a possible 72 sessions to attend in total. The variety of topics covered in the day combined with the limited number of sessions that any one person could attend made each session a tough choice. Topics to choose from ranged from presentations by analytical experts such as Simo Ahava who provided a talk on “The Data Layer” to discussions such as one that Julian Juenemann ran to gain insight on teaching and training techniques for analytics.

Joining in with the spirit of Measure Camp, we decided it would be good to hold our own talk on ‘how to achieve high end business goals with the use of web analytics’, led by Yard’s very own Nathan Stockford.  The session attracted a good sized group of 13 people and began with everyone providing examples of how they achieve their goals. This topic gave everyone an insight into the  techniques used by other companies in various sectors such as charities, pharmaceutical and gambling. The session was very successful and allowed everyone who participated to walk away with new ideas and insight on how to achieve their company or client goals.measurecamp2A conference wouldn’t be a conference if no networking was involved, so we took the opportunity during the day to catch up with old associates like Neale Denton, the Legal & General representative, and to make new acquaintances such as Russel McAthy.

measurecamp4measurecamp5The day ended with the closing ceremony and then a brisk walk to the pub to celebrate a successful day with the other Measure Camp attendees. The event as a whole was extremely enjoyable and insightful, and we are all looking forward to getting involved when the next Measure Camp comes around.

-Daniel Rees, Analyst, Yard


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