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March: A new spring in our step

2nd April 2019 by Harry Maule | News & Events

At last the days are getting brighter, the birds are chirping and the flowers are starting to provide us with a rejuvenating palette of colours. Spring is finally here. Much of the same can be said about our Yardies. We now have an extra spring in our step (pun not intended) as our very own artists have been helping to depict the digital landscape through the publication of new case studies.

The case studies offer valuable insights into the importance of brand influencers along with analysing customer behaviour. Our precision was razor sharp, our attention to detail meticulous and our execution second to none. We’ll explain in a bit more detail below.

As well as spoiling the Yard community, we’ve also been getting our heads down and grinding out the results for our clients. Our Welsh contingent have mirrored their country’s unbeatable performances in the 6 Nations.  They’ve completed a tag migration for British Gas Business and are currently halfway through British Gas Home, which, by the way, they expect to earn another Grand Slam!

Creating an Influencer Community

Our outreach team collaborated and conjured up an insightful case study on how to create an influencer community for a top beauty brand. The main aim was to drive brand awareness and consideration through earned media. Their approach was meticulous, prudent and well executed, which as a result was able to generate:

  • 54 blog posts
  • 175 social posts
  • Overall reach of 133,615 social posts
  • 193,681 overall impressions

Fancy sharpening up your knowledge on influencer marketing? You can take a peek here.

Analytics Boosts Paid Media Performance

As part of our partnership programme, Adobe recommended Yard to implement Adobe Analytics to dealchecker’s website. Dealchecker is a UK-based travel comparison website that provides users with a collection of tools to effectively compare prices between travel companies. Our job was to highlight how customers interacted with their website through patterns of behavioural data.

Was it a success? It certainly was! Our great attention to detail and thorough approach provided us with the success that we deserved. Interested in finding out how we did it? You can read the full case study here.

British Gas Business and British Gas Home Tag Migrations

Earlier in the month, we were approached by both BGB and BGH to carry out separate tag migrations on their sites as they had recently ended their contract with another agency. Team Cardiff emulated the magic experienced in the Millennium Stadium against Ireland in our digital playground by successfully completing the tag migrations for BGB. The progress made for BGH is running smoothly and is expected to be finished within the next month or so.


April is now upon us and paves the way for brighter summer days ahead. With offices in Edinburgh in Cardiff, we take no such risks on the weather and will keep generating positive results so that in the event of a thunderstorm in July, we’ll still have a smile on our faces.

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