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MeasureCamp London 2018 – the Yardies’ view

28th March 2018 by Joanna Moska | Data, News & Events

As anyone with any experience of digital well knows, one of the key requirements for success is the effective collection of data. But what happens when it’s not data that is collected, but a group of highly skilled, passionate and knowledgeable analytics professionals?

Well, that’s exactly what happens at MeasureCamp. Branded as an unconference, the schedule is determined on the day and talks are delivered by attendees. It’s free to attend and held on a Saturday, which helps ensure attendees are those who are most passionate about data and analytics. Everyone is encouraged to join discussions and the focus is as much on attendees sharing their knowledge and experience with industry peers as it is on personal learning.

MeasureCamp London 2018 whiteboard notes

We’re proud to be one of the sponsors of MeasureCamp London, which saw several Yardies right in the thick of it. We were involved in hosting talks, contributing to round table discussions, and, if rumours are to be believed, some ‘networking’ that went on to the small hours. Evidently, a good time was had by all, but here’s a collection of some the Yardies’ highlights from the day:

Cristina – Web Analyst

“The event was full of incredible and insightful talks and sessions. The day started and ended really strongly; kicking off with the great Simo Ahava who spoke about Agile Analytics. It was a very motivational talk about work collaboration and communication with all departments in the company to complete an analytics project successfully.

The afternoon session ended with a round table discussion about app measurement, which was great to see as it was something that was not covered in great depth elsewhere.”

Joanna – Sales Development Manager

“This was definitely one of the best conferences (or rather – unconferences) I had the pleasure to attend and I would highly recommend it to everyone interested in data analysis, open to new knowledge and keen to connect with a lot of awesome, knowledgeable and inspiring people.

MeasureCamp London 2018 notes from Nathan and Georgia

As a relatively new Yardie, I enjoyed seeing some of the sessions led by colleagues. Georgia hosted a discussion around tips and tricks for managing ad-hoc vs project-based analytics, which got a lot of participants engaged. It was interesting to hear how different companies approach the challenge, sharing their insights and best practices. Nathan hosted a talk about enhanced ecommerce for non-ecom websites which was full of insight and also initiated some interesting conversations among participants.”

Nathan – Senior Web Analytics Consultant

Nathan at MeasureCamp London 2018

“Aside from the talk about enhanced ecommerce for non-ecommerce website (…ahem!), the Google Analytics Attribution 360 session was particularly interesting.

It began with a quick view and demo of the new Google Analytics attribution tool. It was brilliant to see how Google is creating this and making it a free tool. That means there will be a free version of the product as well as a premium version.

GA 360 will use GA, DoubleClick and their algorithm, which will work in the background to help optimise your marketing spend. The main dashboard in the new tool will give the most optimal spend per return as well as a responsive graph to work with to help manage your marketing spend.

The session hosted by Direct Line Group’s Deepak and Stephen, which turned in to more of a discussion about everything to do with Adobe Analytics was also a highlight. It was fascinating to see how they use Adobe Consultants for Target assistance.”

The slides from Nathan’s session can be found here.

Yogesh – Test Analyst

“Alan Daitch’s session had very practical information about the use of Google products. One key piece of information he shared was around a Google Tag Manager bug – which is important to be aware of. When a custom report is made in Google Analytics using session and user metrics, the data in the export is different from that showing in Google Analytics.”

Georgia – Technical Project Manager

Georgia at MeasureCamp London 2018

“The discussion that I personally found helpful was How do you Manage/Optimise your own Workflow. I got to hear the processes of similar companies and companies using the same tools but on a much larger scale. We discussed how JIRA is used within the companies. It opened up a good discussion and gave me the incentive to want to get involved rather than just listen!

The whole day was spot on, the environment created was one where people could openly ask questions, without inhibition, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge. Such a fun, chilled atmosphere also meant I had conversations with people from around the world, that without this event, I would never have had the opportunity to meet. Thank you MeasureCamp!!!”

If that sounds like your kind of unconference, or you’re interested in setting up a similar event in your city, visit the MeasureCamp site.

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