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Like? Pin? LOVE!

20th September 2012 by Jennie Stamp | Content & Search

It’s all about ‘It’. Whether we Like ‘it’, want to Pin ‘it’ or now, Love ‘it’. It seems that to ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ content is not enough, users want to be more passionate. Every so often we see a half hearted campaign for a Facebook ‘Love it’ button.  Now there is a whole site to display what you love. However, let’s get the obvious question out of the way, is LoveIt just a clone of Pinterest? Well to a certain extent, yes it is, but they know this and even have a Why we’re different section on their about page.

Why is LoveIt different?

These 5 objectives are their reasons why they think they stand out from the crowd:

  • Discover
  • Collect
  • Organise
  • Collaborate
  • Share


The objectives are explained further in their videos:


Why I Love It

Share the Love

From first inspection, there are definite improvements to sharing functionalities compared to competitors. When the user clicks on an image they like, they’re presented with the full size image and the options to ‘LoveIt’ (add it to their own collections/boards), Like it (similar to Facebook), or comment on it (instigating conversations). All of these features are similar to Pinterest. To the right of the enlarged image are thumbnails of other images from the same collection, images from the same original location source/creator, suggestions of similar collections that may also appeal to you if you like that image. However, the main point is that there appears to be more emphasis on sharing across other social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even their rival, Pinterest:


Pinterest Love

One of the most interesting things that I found was that you can ‘+LoveIt’ images directly from Pinterest (and vice versa). This seems a clever move as it could make it easier to users to swap from Pinterest to LoveIt or at least  alternate between and combine the two. However, this has been taken one step further. LoveIt recognises Pinterest and allows you to export ALL of your pins to your LoveIt collections, a very smart move.


Facebook and Twitter Love

It is possible to ‘+LoveIt’ images directly from Facebook and Twitter, which is not possible with the ‘Pin It’ button. Again demonstrating greater collaboration between the social networks, but possibly incurring copyright issues.

Private Love

Unlike Pinterest, you can create a private collection. This means that this will only be visible to yourself, or any contributors you wish to add. This is added functionality that Pinterest could easily have adopted. Privacy is frequently a hot topic for social media, so to have a privacy option allows users to keep some content private.

Multiple Love

When obtaining images from a webpage using the ‘+LoveIt’ button, users can select  multiple images at the same time. This is a great time saver and very user friendly feature that is not available from Pinterest.

Responsive Love

The site has embraced a responsive design, unlike Pinterest, so content is always clearly readable. These are the sort of features that Pinterest should have adopted, but haven’t. Perhaps they have grown too fast and couldn’t keep up?

Why I Don’t Love It

I have no answer, I do love it.

At first I thought I was going to have to spend time duplicating my 1,253 pins from Pinterest to LoveIt, but they had already thought of this and made it incredibly easy to migrate them all at once. So, the problem is… there is no problem.

I can’t find much wrong with LoveIt, and I do LoveIt, but I also love Pinterest. It is a fairly young platform, so naturally it has a couple of teething problems.

As LoveIt is new, there is far less content that exists on the platfrom, but if other users migrate all of there pins to LoveIt the this should soon change.

They have not yet launched mobile apps, but as their site is responsive, it is mobile friendly which means that it isn’t a huge issue that there aren’t apps yet.

LoveIt Guidelines

Perhaps to protect against the copyright uproar that engulfed Pinterest, LoveIt have provided more detail to their platform, such as a Community Guidelines section, but with a fun and relaxed attitude:

#1: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

#2: Be Yourself, Be Yourself, Be Yourseeelf!

#3: Flag Offensive Content

#4: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

#5: Build Our Community

#6: Fun Fun Fun


There is the risk that the name ‘LoveIt’ could be a bit too ‘girly’ and exclude males. Although I do love LoveIt, would the majority of men be happy saying the same? Now what? I have already copied all of my pins over from Pinterest, so now I have too pretty identical sites, both of which I love, so which will take priority? The one I originally fell in love with, or the new and exciting better, younger model? Pinterest is already starting to look a bit outdated, so is LoveIt here at the right time to disrupt the market?

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