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Kieran’s Work Experience Report

18th August 2014 by Paul Newbury | Data

During the last week, the Cardiff Yard Digital offices welcomed Kieran who was with us on work experience to learn about the things we do and gain some valuable skills. Kieran kindly put together this report on his week with us:

My name is Kieran and I am here this week at Yard Digital for a voluntary week of work experience during my summer holidays to gain extra insight in the IT line of work. This week I am expecting to gain experience in this field and gain knowledge in Analytics, coding and marketing.

What I am looking forward to this week here at Yard Digital is to get an overview of the whole company such as marketing, developing, testing, analysing and also looking at the Yard academy side of business. What I am least looking forward to is doing some of the grunt work, such as making everyone’s tea!

The most surprising part of this week was that I have found a great interest in analytics. I sat with Nathan on Monday who gave me an overview of his role here at Yard Digital and Tara on Tuesday who did the same as well as providing me with a training booklet to work through on analytics (the same one that is used in the Yard Academy course). What is most interesting is that I didn’t realise how much analytics is used in the world of business and how much companies relied on it for their websites.

I also sat with Alex who showed me all about coding and the programing of both game and web design, which was very interesting learning about the information that is put into coding and that it can be done using just a regular note pad on your computer.

Working here at Yard Digital for the week has given me a really good overview of analytics and programming and has taught me the basics of coding and the use of analytics as well as specific coding software such as Love2d. I really enjoyed the past week and I have a good idea of what I would like to do in the near future.

I would recommend coming to Yard Digital for work experience if you are interested in anything to do with IT as it provides a wide range of roles and skills within one company.

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