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June: The gateway to summer?

1st July 2019 by Harry Maule | News & Events


June has been full of promise and wonder yet punctuated with plenty of rain for us in the Scottish office. So much so that myself, along with many I’m sure, fantasise about stepping into the shoes of Bruce Almighty to smoothly rub out the clouds in the sky, reel in the moon’s magical aura and dazzle the surrounding black vacuum with sporadic sprinkles of stars. Instead, we’ve been stuck with damp chilly nights rather than the clear starry skies that we’ve been craving. Only then could we support Jean Hersey’s rather optimistic perspective on June – ‘June is the gateway to summer.’

Of course, anyone living north of the border would view this perspective as an eroding mountain of malarkey and would more appropriately perceive Scotland’s football team as the true embodiment of June’s weather performance; full of expectation but never delivers.

Thankfully, our spirits are forever unwavering, forever optimistic and forever the antithesis of a supine pup yielding themselves in the face of adversity. Despite the precipitation and meteorological inclemency, our desire to strike like lightning when opportunities come our way means June has been a smashing month.

Digital Elite Day

Since we pride ourselves to proving an elite range of services, it seemed fitting that we were one of the sponsors for this year’s Digital Elite Day conference. The event provided ‘advanced learning for professionals in CRO and search,’ which involved a series of talks on these two themes. We sent four representatives to wave the Yardie flag:

Our four Yardies met plenty of other experts in the digital field, attended many of the day’s talks and soaked in all of this new information like a sponge. Our insatiable appetite for learning never wanes as our four representatives proved by noting down a number of key takeaways to bring back to the office, providing us with much food for thought. Interested in knowing more about our event? You can read more about it here.

Data Science Event

We enjoy hosting events because we take great pleasure in sharing our expertise with the wider digital community. That’s why, on the 9th of July, we will be hosting an event in our Cardiff office based on applying data science methodologies on a commercial level.

Our data luminary, Paul Newbury, will be speaking alongside Jan Teichman, Senior Data Scientist at Zoopla. The duo will provide insightful knowledge on an array of topics surrounding data science, ranging from the common misconceptions that are prevalent in this field, through to the number of practical applications of data science in differing business contexts. As always, no stone shall be left unturned. Interested in our event? Click here for more information.

Richard Gets Married!

The star event of the month was Richard’s wedding! Of course, such a magical event required appropriate celebrations, which we dutifully carried out in the form of pints, wine and vodka. In order to preserve his dignity, Rich has politely declined the invitation to share photos of his stag-do but was able to supply us with one that is more appropriate to share. On behalf of all us Yardies, congratulations gaffer.

And so another month passes, along with the broken shards of the challenges that have laid before us. We’ll do it all again next month, hopefully, this time with higher temperatures and more sunshine.

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