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iPad Banking

4th February 2010 by Paul Newbury | News & Events

Following Apple’s recent announcement about the iPad, numerous opportunities have begun to arise regarding the functionality and scope of what is an extraordinary improvement on the ground already set by the iPhone. Having developed and tracked applications on the iPhone, we understand that the emergence of this essential sales and customer servicing channel has improved the availability and focus of companies who want to put the maximum control in the hands of their users, improving not only the usability of services provided by these companies but also the availability of their products and brands.

The iPad is sure to build on this further by providing an improved interface for companies to use to provide information to users that was previously unreadable on the smaller screen. Now, banking applications will be possible that utilise the interface size, and allow customers to benefit from multi-touch drag and drop for simple bill paying, money transfers and other account management tasks that were not quite as simple to perform on the iPhone but can be performed with ease by any user able to point a finger and drag it to the right place.

But the online servicing in this is only a part of the functionality that should be possible if banks truly embrace this technology, assuming of course that the market share becomes significant enough to warrant the investment in these systems. Imagine, for example, if banks manage to truly understand the data available to them from the account interactions they have access to. Then the applications will be further able to provide a more rounded and personal service, whilst at the same time improving the ease of access to the information provided.

The only downside to the iPad use in these cases is the lack of camera, removing the possibility of augmented reality applications on the larger screen. Should this change in the future, then expect to be able to show the camera to a home insurance brochure, only for the iPad to quickly display a quote for you based on the information already held.

Of course, all of this is dependant on the right people truly understanding the technology available, and using the customer data to good effect, all of which we appear to be quickly moving toward.

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