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5th June 2020 by Kirsty Anderson | Data, Digital PR, News & Events

Cardiff based Hodge Bank have appointed Yard as their analytics supplier as part of the bank’s digital transformation activity. 


Led by Yard’s development team in Cardiff, Yard’s role is to optimize opportunities to improve conversion rates and customer acquisitions to ensure that Hodge Bank continues to lead the way with its digital maturity. 


Stephen Norman, from the Hodge Business Intelligence team, said: “Yard have been imperative in aiding us in implementing the foundations of our digital analytics strategy, which will give Hodge a much better understanding of our online customers.


Collette Easton, Director of Customer Success at Yard, said: “We’re really excited to have been selected to work with Hodge Bank on this journey and hope this this is a long-term partnership.  We will be helping to lay the foundations that will improve the customer experience for all Hodge Bank customers by making the most out of marketing technology and analysing outputs to ensure we are working towards a single customer view. That’s the gold standard for any data analytics program.”  


Find out more about Yard’s services.

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