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Google Analytics IQ Exam

6th October 2011 by Warrick Hunter | Data

Truth be told, I came to this job with no web qualifications. I had no understanding of web analytics. Visitor data was a foreign concept.
I was extremely fortunate to be offered a career with Yard Associates who adopt the attitude of taking on eager junior staff, nurturing and training them to the companies required standard.

After initial diverse exposure to the company’s various digital services it offers its clients, I found web analytics best suited my frame of mind. As I was formally an electronics technician, I enjoyed the technicalities, fault finding and solution process involved in web analytics. From here I was encouraged to sit the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam.


I watched and studied the Google Conversion University on-line training videos and toyed with a few sites I was kindly offered access to. After a month’s study, I sat the exam in an empty, quiet office on a Sunday morning.


To the point, it’s not easy. Unless you are Avinash Kaushik or Batman you will find this exam a challenge…
You are given 90 minutes to answer 70 multi-choice and multi-answer questions. A mark of 80% is required to pass. Although you can pause the exam at any stage, the page redirects and you need to re-open the exam to continue. This along with the fluffy way the questions are asked makes it very hard to “copy and paste” questions into a search engine.


The questions cover a broad range of topics from the user interface to some very tricky custom campaign-tracking questions. What I found most difficult was the fluffy way the questions were asked; often needed to read the question several times to understand it. This is most likely done to make a copy‘n’paste into a search engine return unhelpful results. You really need to know your stuff first.

A brain frying 90 or so minutes later I was given a pass mark at 80%. I was honestly expecting much higher, but I was happy enough with the result.


Have the following tabs open:

Google Analytics IQ Lessons
Analytics Help
A Google Analytics administrator account
Regex IP address range excluder
URL Builder

Other than that, all I can recommend is you watch every video in the Conversion University twice, and get as much experience on an ecommerce site prior to the exam.

Good luck!

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