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Google Analytics 360

18th March 2016 by Lauren Pearson | Data, News & Events

In a move that had been widely anticipated amongst the Web Analytics community, Google has launched the Analytics 360 Suite for Premium Google Analytics users. In a direct challenge to Adobe’s market-leading Marketing Cloud, Analytics 360 brings together several products that were previously only available as separate software suites with separate login credentials. Whilst the product is currently only available as a beta for some premium users, it is widely expected to be rolled out to all premium users in the coming months.

Google Analytics 360

After acquiring Adometry in 2014 and creating Attribution 360, Google has combined this with Google Analytics Premium, a newly upgraded Google Tag Manager (Google Tag Manager 360) and three new software solutions to create a single solution for the modern day marketer.

The new product consists of the following:

Analytics 360 – An updated version of Google Analytics Premium that serves as the heart of the Analytics 360 Suite. This is Google’s equivalent to Adobe Analytics or Webtrends Analytics. Key features include:

  1. Centralized data: AW/DCLK site behaviour data in one place
  2. Powerful reporting: customizable and user-centric
  3. Actionability: publish segments for audience targeting and bidding

Attribution 360 – previously know as Adometry, this has been remodelled to allow easier use for marketers and advertisers. It allows analysis of performance over various channels and devices to provide a better understanding of the value of each channel and helps to allocate budget for future marketing investments. Key features include:

  1. One of a kind insights from Google Search (TV Attribution)
  2. Streamlined data collection using DCLK (DDA)
  3. Cutting edge cross-device modelling/optimization/forecasting

Audience Centre 360 – This new solution helps the marketer not only understand the customers and the devices that they use but also the channels and campaigns that are most effective for their company. Key features include:

  1. Access to Google audience data and machine learning technology
  2. Fast and easy 24-hour support
  3. Open platform data integration with hundreds of 3p DSPs

Data Studio 360 – This is another new feature that integrates with all Google suites, allowing visualisation of the data by providing interactive reports and dashboards to rival Adobe Ad Hoc Analysis. Key features include:

  1. Creation of beautiful dashboards and reports easily
  2. Connection of many different data sources
  3. Collaboration and sharing of data stories across your business

Optimize 360 – This new product allows the marketer to provide a variety of versions of their site to their customers, in order to find the most effective version and in turn provide a better experience for the customer. This is equivalent to Adobe’s Target or other A/B testing tools, such as Maxymiser. Key features include:

  1. Powerful testing and personalization made simple
  2. Native GA integration enables single source of truth and immediate actionability of existing analytics data

Tag Manager 360 – Google Tag Manager simplifies the collection of data, allowing a quicker and smoother data collection for marketers. While previous versions of GTM were tied into GA, this has been re-launched as a separate, stand-alone product potentially, bringing it into more direct competition with other TMS solutions such as Tealium or Signal. Key features include:

  1. Safe and reliable data collection with SLA’s and security features
  2. Fast and easy tag management to help you stay agile
  3. Enterprise read with a powerful API, mobile app tagging, multi-environment support and more.

As mentioned, the integration of these products allows Google to directly challenge Adobe’s market-leading Marketing Cloud enterprise solution. Early rumours suggested that the Google product will be introduced at a flat rate, potentially significantly undercutting Adobe’s product for large enterprise users. However, after joining a Google Hangout product launch this week it seems there will be no rate card available and prices will differ depending on the customer.

Google has also suggested that different parts of the solution will be available separately in bespoke solutions, allowing customers who already use A/B testing solutions such as Maxymiser to purchase other products without Google Optimize 360. Google client managers are expected to play a pivotal role in customising the solutions for each customer, allowing for client-specific products and pricing points.

The new products are also expected to be widely compatible with Google’s other current market-leading technologies, such as AdWords and DoubleClick, further adding to Google’s attempt to be marketers and analysts’ one-stop solution for all needs, taking other competitors out of the picture in one fell swoop.

Although the Google Analytics 360 Suite is currently only available to a select few Google Analytics Premium users as a limited beta version; the products will slowly roll out to all Premium customers in the upcoming months under new names and branding to integrate seamlessly under the single Google Analytics Premium brand.

Below is a screenshot taken from the Google Analytics 360 Suite launch this week that shows the key takeaways of the newly anticipated product.

Google Analytics 360 key takeaways

Here is the very useful video from the Google Hangout session that I attended and you can jump straight to hearing my question on whether any code updates will be required.

For more details on the Google Analytics 360 Suite feel free to drop any of us Yardies an email at Analytics@yarddigital.com.

– Jac Priestland, Nathan Stockford, Euros Hogsden, Daniel Rees and Ben James, Data and Insight Team, Yard

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