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Get to know our CEO

17th April 2020 by Fiona Proudler | News & Events

Hear from our Yard CEO

She’s loud, she’s brave, she’s bold.  And she has very pragmatic but inspirational opinions on all things digital and agency – and many wise words regarding leadership and being human.

Enjoy her posts here.


Giddy up partner

Any excuse really to put up an image from one of the best movies of all time with one of the greatest partnerships on celluloid – Buzz and Woody.

Our industry thrives on its partnerships and I’ve been fortunate to develop some long standing ones with some very inspirational partner brands(and their talented teams) in my career.

When I first stepped into a digital agency…

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Back in Stock and in Great Demand

According to an article on BBC4‘s news site this weekend, only 6% of UK households were ever panic buying during the early weeks of the virus hitting our shores. This demonstrates the power of social media because I felt I was the only person left in the UK not stocking up on toilet rolls and cleaning products at that time.

I wonder how many businesses could be accused of panic selling during this period? Let’s leave that one for now. After all. forgiveness should be mandatory when everything is topsy-turvy.

I’ve been so impressed by the different ways in which some brands big and small, international and local, have been able to pivot on the spot and create new ways of keeping customers happy…

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No comfort from comfort

I find the expression comfort zone an odd one. I bit like I find comfort eating a problem one.

Because when I comfort eat, I rarely feel comfortable after. I am usually immediately full of self-loathing and my trousers instantly feel tight. Discomfort eating. That’s a better expression.

But the notion of your “comfort zone” at work is one to think about. Few of us want every day to be the same and yet we crave familiarity and routine.

Few of us want to stagnate in our personal development and yet we get nervous around tasks we have not previously undertaken.

Few of us want to change the ways of working…

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Into the Great Unknown

The uncertain times we face today have created much attention on best practices in marketing and selling to customers. Businesses have been forced to respond to these challenges with a total commitment to customer focus and what is required to satisfy their ‘new world’ demands.

For some time now, and accelerated by the current crisis, a true understanding of the detailed needs of the individual is critical. Providing an experience to meet those needs is the only way to succeed. It is here that data becomes your most important ally…

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