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Forget Hash, Here’s Cash

1st August 2012 by Jennie Stamp | News & Events

Twitter is certainly in the money this week, with the launch of clickable stock symbols. This launch was very subtle, almost whispered. The ‘CashTag’ differs from a ‘hashtag’ as it uses the $ symbol instead of #.


When a user clicks on the ‘cashtag’, they will be presented with the Twitter search results for those particular stocks and companies. This allows users to monitor conversation around certain stocks in real time.

The Next Web observed the resemblance of Cashtags functionality to that of StockTwits, just less detailed. It has also been questioned as to whether Twitter are forgetting what they stand for, moving away from the traditional and minimalist 140 characters. Is this the case? Or are they just trying to adapt and survive?

What does the future hold for hashtags and cashtags, what tags will be next?

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