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My First Week as a Yardie – Client Relations Executive Morven

9th November 2015 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

Last week we were excited to welcome our new Client Relations Executive Morven Mackinnon to our Glasgow office. Starting a new job can be pretty overwhelming, so we asked Morven to do a little write up of how she got on during her first five days at Yard.

“Forgive me for beginning by stating the obvious, but your first day in a new job can be a rather daunting experience. Taking that leap and striking out in a new direction will always come with a certain degree of apprehension. It doesn’t really matter how confident you are, or even if where you are going is somewhere you have been dreaming of for a long time. It all comes down to one thing – for at least a few weeks, maybe even longer, you are ‘The Newbie’ and no one likes being ‘The Newbie.’

Luckily, it seems that my leap of faith has landed me in my ideal environment – it’s more creative, more collaborative, faster-paced, and focused on providing effective, strategic and innovative service for a variety of clients.

Coming to Yard has been, at least in my own non-conventional logic, a natural progression for me. Whilst studying at university, and in my work through various charities, I discovered that my biggest strength was in engaging with people. After graduating from University with an MA in Geography and Classical Civilisation (I don’t understand why either), I made the decision to follow my creative urges and move to New Zealand to pursue a career in offline marketing, as a production and marketing creative. In this role I was able to work across a broad spectrum of communication disciplines and hone my creative, organisational and interpersonal skills whilst working across a variety of technical platforms.

When I came across the role for Client Relations Executive at Yard I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never worked in digital before in an official capacity. However, after my first interview where Director of Client Relations Gerry Campbell explained to me what the role would entail, I had already made up my mind. Gerry explained that the role would be a dynamic and hands-on job where I get to learn from the best in the business- himself included – and cultivate my skill set and help Yard expand to be the best in their field.

Yard is an innovative and growing company which is constantly addressing the changing digital landscape, and for me it is an exciting time for the agency and something I was keen to be part of. Not long after my second interview I received the news I was hoping for, that I had got the job!

As with most new jobs, the first week at Yard has consisted of trying to learn new names with faces to match, who does what, getting to grips with the clients, learning about the accounts, and learning about the different services and the people that are at the core of Yard. Luckily for me, my new co-workers made that (typically overwhelming) experience an absolute joy.

My first week has been a great experience and I hope that I have what it takes to be a long-term ‘Yardie’. I have come to realise that the imaginary ‘Newbie Badge’ only really stays pinned to you up until the point you feel you have fully integrated into your new team, and after week one I can confidently say that badge is where it belongs – in the bin.”

 – Morven Mackinnon, Client Relations Executive, Yard

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