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First BIMA #ThirstdayCardiff

8th March 2013 by Amanda Bathory | News & Events

Last night welcomed the first BIMA Wales Thirstday event, #ThirstdayCardiff. Sponsored by Yard Digital and Sequence, 33 Windsor Place was soon bustling with digital professionals from all over Cardiff.


While BIMA beers clinked, we mingled, made some professional connections and shared technical ideas. How exciting! Amongst the digital crowd were folk from Precedent, Imaginet, Culture Group, Fusion Workshops and Box UK, so we were in very good company indeed.

Happy beer faces!

We met over fifty digital professionals yesterday evening, so we’d like to extend a really big ‘THANK YOU’ to all who attended. We are really looking forward to the next event and hope to meet many more from in the industry. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Tweets to find out first when registration is open!

Precedent and Yard

If you would like to share some ideas for the next #ThirstdayCardiff then we would love to hear from you! You can join the BIMA Wales LinkedIn Group for a chat or email Lisa.

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