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Farewell Google Reader, Our Old Friend

21st March 2013 by Jennie Stamp | News & Events

Whether you’re deeply saddened, delightfully happy, or couldn’t care less. The news of the demise of Google Reader has been a hot topic this week. Google announced they will be shutting their Reader doors on 1st July.

As panic sets in to find an alternative, there have been mixed responses on Twitter:

There are many other readers out there, it is just a case of finding the one that is right for you:

No doubt there will be many more that will spring up before 1st July to try and disrupt the market and grab your attention. A different approach to this situation could be to invest in a reader that you have to pay for, therefore decreasing the likelihood that they will suddenly close down due to lack of funding.

For now, let’s not panic. Enjoy the last few months of Google Reader and take this time to get to know our new readers. This apt goodbye song from Chris at Hitreach says it all. Goodbye Google Reader and thank you for your time…


A Goodbye Song for Google Reader by Hit Reach



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